Canadian Progressive World: Activist Communiqué: Robo-call rallies around Canada

In a new Ipsos Reid poll on the robo-calls scandal, conducted for Postmedia News and Global TV, Canadians are uncompromising about the way forward. A whopping 68% want new by-elections in all affected ridings. Elections …Read More

Excited Delirium: Stephen Harper, Fascist?

Is Stephen Harper a Fascist? You take the survey and judge for yourself.

Canadian Progressive World: Robo-Gate: Harper Conservatives stole the 2011 election from the NDP

The New Democratic Party (NDP) suggested in a press conference today that the Conservatives rigged the May 2011 federal election against the Bloc Quebecois, NDP and Liberals. Call it election rigging western style. Apparently, RackNine …Read More