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Dead Wild Roses: The Canadian Conservative Interim Leader – The RMR

The Conservatives are without their Uncle Joe now – who is next big Conservative Leader to be?  Rick Mercer’s advice, don’t be the first one… 🙂 Filed under: Canada, Humour Tagged: Canadian Politics, Conservative Party, Post Harper, RMR

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THE CAREGIVERS' LIVING ROOM - A Blog by Donna Thomson: Today I Remember My Dad

Today I remember my father, James Edward Thomson, who fought in Europe with the Royal Montreal Regiment and won an award for bravery from King George and was mentioned in dispatches. Near Antwerp, my Dad was off-duty and walking back to barracks when he noticed a crowd gathered around a field. He went over to ...

Cowichan Conversations: Rick Mercer Headlines, His Latest Rant And The Canada-USA Women’s Hockey Brawl

Richard Hughes- Political Blogger Well summer is indeed over but what a great fall we are having. Garlic to be planted, garden to be put to bed for the winter and some hard hitting investigative pieces for the blog await. Well not so much for now. We all need a break and here it is ...

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Richard ‘Hub’ Hughes- Political Blogger   Rick Mercer takes on a voyage of discovery trying to understand and explain Canada to Canadians and also to other nations. Our American friends and families don’t really think about us too much but find us polite and tidy. Could be worse I suppose.

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Happy to see another RMR to help us through the trials and tribulations inflicted upon us by our Harper Conservative Government. Enjoy.