Dead Wild Roses: Oh Tom – It Just Might Be Time – Rick’s Rant

Is the writing on the wall?  Rick certainly seems to think so. Filed under: Politics Tagged: NDP, Rick Mercer Rant

Dead Wild Roses: Rick’s Rant – Canadian PM either Psychotic or Lying.

Remember when the PMO was actually accountable to Canadians?  I do, and I can certainly remember when it stopped…oh hello there Canadian Conservative Party… Filed under: Canada, Ethics, Humour Tagged: PM either Psychotic or Lying, PMO, Rick Mercer Rant

Dead Wild Roses: Conservative RoboCalls – Set The Bar Any Lower, and We’ll Drown.

I’m with Rick on this one. Voter turnout it at an all time low in Canada, let’s not increase that number anymore okay Steve?   Filed under: Canada, Humour, Politics Tagged: Canadian Politics, Conservative Tom-Foolery, Rick Mercer Rant, RoboCall