Dead Wild Roses: Voting Fruad – More Republican Shenanigans

A substantial portion of the view DWR gets is from the United States.  Consider this a NSFW PSA from your friendly Canadian neighbours. Filed under: Politics Tagged: Disempowering People, Humour-ish, PSA, Republican “strategy”, Republican Fail, US Election

Dead Wild Roses: Oh Mittens! – There you go again.

Liberal Viewer (and everyone else) has decided that Romney should show a little more love to the moochers and freeloaders of American society.   Just sayn’.   Filed under: Politics Tagged: Fail, Liberal Viewer, Oh Mittens!, Republican “strategy”, Romney, The Rich hate you, US Politics

Dead Wild Roses: Republicans, get in my Vagina!

Ah, political satire. Filed under: Politics Tagged: Feminism, Rant, Republican “strategy”, War on Women

Dead Wild Roses: Republican Hypocrisy on Contraception, Liberty, Et Cetera

    The government should not impose its values on the people of American, unless of course, its christian religious values.  I wonder if anyone in the GOP has read George Orwell’s 1984, because they certainly seem to be running from the same playbook as the Party…. Jon Stewart and the Daily Show once again bring ...