The Skwib: The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Battle of Vimy Ridge Edition)

General Ludwig von Falkenhausen presents “The Week of Suffering” (circa April 2-9, 1917) –>slide 2 Artillery relentless I’d guess about a million shells Somehow can target our artillery, even though they’re hidden behind ridge We ran out of aspirin, earplugs. Allied General Arthur Currie presents “Better Creeping” (circa April 9, 1917) –>slide 4 first wave […]

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We Remember

Copper Roof Politics remembers the brave sacrifice our service men and women have made, and continue to make, in active service. These men and women sacrifice their time, well being, and sometimes life to protect the freedom we enjoy on … Continu…

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Northern Reflections: Rememberance Day, 2011

I awoke this morning to the refrain, "And the band played waltzing Matilda." I thought of my father, who spent some of World War II in Australia. Most of the time, he was behind anti-aircraft guns — the kind that fire large shells and make a lot of noise. Understandably, by the end of the war, he wanted nothing to do with guns — large or small. I never saw him go near one.

However, he did

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