LeDaro: Barack Obama’s Redline Relief – Russia proposal on Syria chemical weapons

“President Barack Obama has agreed to discuss Russia’s proposal that Syria hand over chemical weapons, the White House said Tuesday after Damascus confirmed it would accept such a deal.Talks will begin at the United Nations later Tuesday, a White House official told NBC News, even as Obama prepares to address Congress — and the American ...

cartoon life: Shasta daisy

Stumbling through iPhoto I spotted this from a few weeks back. Better than I remembered it… Filed under: photo Tagged: daisy, flower, relief, wet

The Disaffected Lib: Americans Want Climate Change Protection, Just Not the Bill

Stanford researchers have found Americans believe in climate change and acknowledge the risks but just don’t want to pay for the measures that would be needed to deal with them. The survey, commissioned by two departments at Stanford University, the Woods Institute for the Environment and the Center for Ocean Solutions, was the first to ...

Trashy's World: Hurricane Sandy relief?

Is the Canadian or any provincial government helping out at all? I know we have sent crews to the States to provide assistance before, and I know it’s still early, but surely we should be planning something, right? (3) Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario