cartoon life: This graph shows the shape of our economy

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LeDaro: Barack Obama and Syrian crisis

The cartoon below depicts Obama’s quandary quite well.   Red face.

CuriosityCat: Israel & Iran: Mitt Romney accepts Israel’s Red Line

Iraeli & Romney Red Line? A dramatic difference has emerged between President Obama’s policy towards Iran and that of Romney. In his major foreign policy speech, Romney has taken a giant step towards Israel, accepting the Israeli Prime Minister’s Red Line that Iran should not acquire nuclear  weapons capability. Obama has always spoken about Iran ...

CuriosityCat: Israel & Iran: 260 kilograms and Boom! War starts

Some more clarity on the numbers behind Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Red Line in the sand. 260 more kilograms? The trigger for an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear sites seems to depend on any one of 3 things happening: .      Iran stockpiling 260 kilograms of uranium enriched to 20% purity (they have about 200 kilograms right ...

CuriosityCat: Iran & Israel: The Timing of the Attack

Today we probably learned the outer limits of the timing of an Israeli  attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities during a speech to the UN by Prime Minister Netanyahu. Israeli red line? He held up a diagram of a bomb with a spluttering fuse, and with a red marker, drew a line where  he thought the ...