Politics and its Discontents: Political Opportunism Or Epiphany?

Well, the more cynical among us might suggest that Andrea Horwath no longer has a monopoly on political expediency in Ontario. More trusting souls, in this breaking story, might suggest a different causative factor. Young Tim Hudak, leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party, to borrow a phrase from his good friend Rob Ford, appears to ...

OPSEU Diablogue: As a RTW province, would Ontarians face higher unemployment and lower wages?

With rising inequality challenging economies in developed countries, it is hard to understand why Ontario’s Tories would pursue a labour agenda that would only serve to further widen levels of inequality. PC leader Tim Hudak’s promise to scrap the Rand … Continue reading →

Politics and its Discontents: Rand Formula Under Attack

The other day I wrote a post about Bill C-377, ostensibly a private member’s bill put forward by Conservative MP Russ Hiebert that would subject unions to unprecedented scrutiny. It is, in fact, a bill being guided by the Prime Minister’s Office. In his column today, The Star’s Thomas Walkom says that the real target ...

Politics and its Discontents: The Source of Young Tim Hudak’s Inspiration

I recently wrote a brief post on young Mr. Hudak’s simple-minded and dysfunctional ‘vision’ for returning Ontario to its former industrial glory: gut the unions, a policy which, if ever enacted, would be disastrous for the men and women who currently enjoy workplace benefits, decent wages, and protection from arbitrary dismissal thanks to their unions. ...

cmkl: What was Justice Rand thinking, eh Andrew Coyne?

Noted conservative columnist Andrew Coyne is in postmedia today stumping for the Ontario Tories’ proposals to change labour laws that allow unions to collect dues from everyone in the workplace.