Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Religous Disservice – Superstition

A fine video by QualiaSoup. Filed under: Education Tagged: Qualia Soup, Superstition, The DWR Sunday Disservice

Dead Wild Roses: Bullying in the Workplace – Qualia Soup

Bullying not only happens at school, but also in the workplace.  Qualia Soup tackles the issue head on.  Enjoy. 🙂 Filed under: Education Tagged: Bullying, Qualia Soup, Workplace

Dead Wild Roses: The First Step in Deprogramming the Religious – Superstition

Superstition, and it’s ugly codified twin brother religion, rely on the suspension of one’s critical faculties.  When someone is going on about how jeebus talks to them or they are feeling the power of god or <insert prurience for inane godbaggy here> or whatever, the topics covered in this video by Qualia Soup come to mind.  ...

Dead Wild Roses: Evolution – Qualia Soup

It is nice to have a post you can point to when people suddenly become hyperskeptical of Evolution.   Thanks Qualia Soup. Filed under: Education, Science Tagged: Education, Evolution, Qualia Soup, Science, Science 101

Dead Wild Roses: Qualia Soup – Secularism

Qualia soup argues for secularism and its benefits to atheists and theists. Filed under: Atheism, Religion Tagged: Qualia Soup, Secularism, Secularism is good for society

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Disservice – The Burden of Proof – Qualia Soup

QS tackles some debate basics, but makes the argument that our society is progressing to the state where we can challenge the claims of those who subscribe to the supernatural. Enjoy. Filed under: Education, Religion Tagged: Arguments, Qualia Soup, The Burden of Proof, The DWR Sunday Religious Disservice