Dead Wild Roses: The Intransigent CPAP Evangelist

Do you snore?  Get tested for sleep apnea. I (used to) snore.  Loudly.  One time, when I fell asleep before Arb, he took his phone and recorded me snoring, then played it back in my ear until it woke me up.  It was ghastly. I also used to be incredibly tired all the time, and ...

Dead Wild Roses: DWR PSA – Helpful Gender Toy Chart

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Dead Wild Roses: Pet Adoption – Just do it. :)

Not caring if this is a repeat, it still rocks. Filed under: Housekeeping Tagged: Pet Adoption, PSA, SPCA

350 or bust: We Could Have Stopped Climate Chaos But We Were Too Damned Cheap

What a beautiful Friday morning in my part of the world. The sky is blue and clear on a minus 16 degree C March 1st day.  I’m watching two pileated woodpeckers enjoy the suet in the bird feeder just outside the window. They certainly are impressive birds, especially close up! I took this picture earlier ...

Dead Wild Roses: Amazing Mind Reader

We are a skeptical bunch here at DWR and claims of mind reading tend to set off our bullcookery detectors, but let me assure you this is for realz peeps, and  I fully endorse this video and the message contained within. A hat tip to mystro for plucking this handy DWR PSA out of the ...

Dead Wild Roses: Voting Fruad – More Republican Shenanigans

A substantial portion of the view DWR gets is from the United States.  Consider this a NSFW PSA from your friendly Canadian neighbours. Filed under: Politics Tagged: Disempowering People, Humour-ish, PSA, Republican “strategy”, Republican Fail, US Election

Dead Wild Roses: Contraception – Why is there *any* contention about this?

Other than libertarian or misogynistic concerns, both that are as useless as pants on on giraffe, I don’t see what the problem is.  Women win, their partners win and society wins. Filed under: Education, Feminism Tagged: Common Sense, Contraception, Feminism, PSA, US