cartoon life: Tea while waiting

One of those days while waiting is enforced upon me, I can sit at TeaHaus and have tea, with some buffalo milk cheddar, the first cheese in months. The next Polenta will taste so good. Filed under: art Tagged: patience, procreate, tea

cartoon life: The Sunburn

From a figure drawing session today at The ArtsProject here in London Ont. Some warm up drawings shared at the Tumblr are extended in app with colour after the fact. A previous version of The Sunburn was shared at Google+ and the Tumblr because sharing is so easy. Drawn and coloured in Procreate. Incidental non-direct ...

cartoon life: Captain Cosmo Cat sends a selfie 

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cartoon life: Two from today version two

Barbara: Triangle and shadow Barbara: The arm Filed under: art Tagged: Figure drawing, iPad, nude., procreate

cartoon life: Two today figures from life drawing

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cartoon life: Four from life drawing at ArtsCentre

  First, a cropped image from Paper. Done with the Pencil stylus.   I wanted to experiment with Zen Brush, as I found my NomadBrush stylus. Zen Brush app has surface response where you need only lay down a flat fat finger for the tool to respond to the ‘pressure’ and draw full and fat strokes. ...

cartoon life: Reclining. Considering

One sketch from today’s figure drawing session at #ldnont Arts Project. Fresh, quick and a good likeness. In retrospect I enjoyed dropping in the big black charcoal by accident at the background, and just going with it. Filed under: art Tagged: Figure drawing, procreate

cartoon life: Asleep. A dream.

Our older tuxedo. He goes outside, even in this weather. He is about 16 or 17 years old now. He is sleeping in this one. Really.  Nice composite image built from sketches in Paper, filtered in Popsicolor. Composited, layered and painted some more in Procreate. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat, dream, not dead yet, paper53, ...

cartoon life: Cat Stickland-ized

Throw together more drawing, some Popsicolor textures… Seriously this isn’t done yet. I’ve taken a few days to think about the character, the expression… Something is coming to complete this. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat, Paul Stickland, procreate

cartoon life: A cat for ASketch proceeding

Dropped into Procreate for some colour. The charcoal tools do a great job here. Filed under: art Tagged: ASketch, Cat, procreate

cartoon life: My eyes hurt. Close them.

More scrounging and cross app application of tools. Filed under: art, digital, drawing, painting Tagged: Cat, Paper, pattern, procreate

cartoon life: Cat rests still

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cartoon life: Cat in startling sky

A combination of apps: Zen Brush, for the responsive and loose brushwork, and Procreate for the colour. Filed under: art, digital, painting Tagged: Cat, procreate, zen brush