LeDaro: Prince William changes diapers first time

Is this really news? The common reaction: “What the shit?”. NBC Front-page Headline.

LeDaro: Prince William: No kiss for him

A young lady snubs him. You should see the expression on his face. It is a funny video:

Canadian Progressive: Nurse duped by Kate Middleton hoax found dead

The King Edward VII Hospital nurse who took hoax call about the Duchess of Cambridge, is dead.  Jacintha Saldanha fell for a serious prank by presenters from 2Day FM, an Australian radio station, who impersonated Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles and elicited information about the future Queen, who’d been admitted to the hospital for ...

LeDaro: Kate Middleton’s topless pictures continue to grab headlines

It is remarkable that how the world is obsessed with Middleton’s topless pictures which were taken in a blatant invasion of privacy of Will and Kate. Now Keli Goff, Author and Political Correspondent, TheRoot.com, writes in a column, published by The Huffington Post, that Kate Middleton’s notoriety can be used for the good of the ...

LeDaro: Prince William, Kate Middleton: More Than $80,000 On Plane Tickets From LA To London – one way

The average British working household income is less than $40,000 U.S. That is why I have no use for those who are so privileged by birth. It is sickening. Probably Kate and William rented the whole airplane. Read more here. Kate Middleton: The gold-digger. Interesting video.