The Canadian Progressive: Intolerance-inspired effort to defund Pride Toronto thwarted

The City of Toronto just thwarted an attempt by some right-wing councillors to force the city to pull its $260,000 grant to Pride Toronto, the non-profit organizer of the annual Toronto Pride festivals. The post Intolerance-inspired effort to defund Pride Toronto thwarted appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Conada Day Horror Show

I tuned into the Canada Day show on Parliament Hill today just as they were playing God Save The Queen.  And just in time to see Great Patriotic Leader proclaim that we should all be happy and proud to be Canadians. In his remarks, Harper told the crowd that Canadians have much for which to ...

Montreal Simon: Me and the Pride Day Parade

OMG. It's the Gay Pride weekend in Toronto and I should be looking forward to the festivities.  But instead I'm lying in my tree hammock in my jockey shorts, cruising for a cool breeze, quaffing gallons of lemonade. And wondering do I REALLY have to go the Pride parade? Read more »