New report: Canada falling further behind global counterparts on Internet access

This week, experts at the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) – the body that oversees Canada’s .ca domain – released their 2014 Factbook, which chronicles Canada’s advancement on Internet issues over the past year. The Factbook investigates how well-positioned Canadians are in the areas of access, cost, and usage. read more Huffington Post: Telus introduces new Internet disservice

Telus has announced plans to cut back on user bandwidth for its Internet service starting early next year. This Internet disservice comes after Telus met with OpenMedia to state that they were wanting to make amends with Canadians. Now is the time for Canadians to take action in making the switch to Distributel, TekSavvy or ... Another victory for Canadians as CRTC calls for increased transparency

A CRTC decision came down on Friday for more transparency to how Big Telecom assigns wholesale rates and pricing. This is another sign of progress for the +500,000 Canadian citizens who spoke out through Use our online tool at to find independent providers in your area and read more about the CRTC transparency ... Huffington Post: Netflix exec says "Canadians have almost third-world access to the Internet"

Big telecom companies across Canada are continuing to employ ‘usage-based billing’, an punitive billing practice that restricts data allowances. Though many of you fought back against UBB via the Stop The Meter campaign—you prevented it from being imposed across the entire Internet service market—Big Telecom continues to use it to price-gouge Canadians. Tell the CRTC ... STC: Broadband costs decline – so why don’t our prices?

Canadian citizens are being price-gouged by Big Telecom even as their costs seemingly go down. We’re paying more but falling behind and getting less than our global counterparts due to restrictive data caps that are becoming increasingly prevalent. We’ve seen how Big Telecom has avoided being transparent about their pricing procedures before, but data is ...