cmkl: Postaday2011: the metapost

Around this time last year I heard about this meme aimed at reviving blogging as a ‘thing’ on the interwebs called Postaday2011. Guess what it was about. Yes. Well done. A commitment to put up one post per day in 2011. Sounded like fun. I’d done the same thing with a picture a day in ...

cmkl: A big box, tobogganing and happy birthday Irene

Most of the world knows today as “New Year’s Eve” but to our family it’s Irene’s Birthday. Our family began by another round of presents, for Irene this time. Mallory decided to give herself as a present, so Mallory and I were up early, installing her in a box, taping it shut and wrapping it ...

cmkl: Skiing

We had good skiing weather today, so Irene and I took Mallory cross-country skiing in Gatineau Park today. This is her third winter on cross country skis. Her second where she actually does some skiing. Our first attempt – pre-walking – was an unmitigated disaster. Our second effort was only a partial disaster.

cmkl: Home again home again jiggity jog

So is there anything cute than a kid playing in the snow? I think not. But then, I am biased.

cmkl: Snow, firewood and giggles

Today was me squeaking in the smallest of chores, getting ready for hosting dinner with my cousin and her family, playing with Mallory and enjoying life. All in all a great day.

cmkl: Suddenly snow

I was quite bummed to arrive yesterday and find the farm almost completely snow-free. Mother nature sorted that for us today. It snowed pretty much all day.

cmkl: And up to the farm

Mallory and I threw a bunch of stuff into the car and drove off to visit Grandpa Mike today. Despite the Ottawa area getting 30 cm or so of snow last night the roads were clear and only slightly damp until 401. Then it got positively November-like. A scattering of snow, five degrees above zero, ...

cmkl: Gift orgy part one: Mallory gives us gifts

For the first time ever, Mallory gave Irene and I presents. And handmade ones at that. I got a paper snowflake and Irene got a bunch of ghosts. I love the fact that she sees it as an exhange of gifts rather than The-day-I-get-a-bunch-of-presents.

cmkl: The night before… you know

Mallory got to open a present tonight. Think she looks excited? She was pretty keen on going to bed, too. Sooner she sleeps, sooner Christmas comes. There are probably a lot of parents out there writing blog posts like this. To them I raise my glass and say, “Cheers.”

cmkl: Off work for a bit

So today was my last day of work for this year. I’m back in early January, but I’m quite relieved to be having a bit of non-work time, however busy it might be. I know I’ve left a lot of things unfinished and I know that my contribution this year to our branch’s strategic plan ...

cmkl: Gerry Nicholls has my blood boiling

This Postmedia item has had me in a lather all day. It’s not just that they’re whipping up the faithful against the people I work for. That always bothers me but it’s ah… not new to me.

cmkl: Power failure

Well I had the most amazing insightful post compete with witty turns of phrase pathos and a gritty authenticity that I was prepared to post, but then the power went out and I lost it all. So y’all will have to settle for this because my phone is about out of juice too.

cmkl: Flaherty tells the provinces ‘take it or leave it’ on health care funding

Well I feel better now, knowing that provincial governments have now joined the ranks of the scorned and disenfranchised. Unions now have some company. That whole no negotiation this is what you’re getting thing has been the hallmark of Tory policy dealing with those-who-are-not-us since the beginning.

cmkl: Further progress on sleep self-sufficiency

So last night Mallory went to bed at the usual time. As often happens, I hear her fumbling for her water bottle. This is followed by a short period of silence, which is followed by more sounds of water bottle being put back on shelf. This is followed by silence.

cmkl: And now there’s a tree

And lights on the house. First time ever. We’re uh… really getting into this Christmas thing.

cmkl: CAW and CEP talking merger? Wow

So this is me talking from a great distance, I hedge. I remember when CEP was formed in 1992. It was, itself the product of a merger of three unions: Canadian Paperworkers Union, the Communications and Electrical Workers of Canada and the Energy and Chemical Workers.

cmkl: A quiet pint with Black Sabbath

Cheers to all. Hope you are enjoying your evenings. Even Peter Kent you climate change denying piece of shit.

cmkl: This time the giant squirrel goes to the supermarket

The video is about cuts to federal food inspection programs which were found wanting by an inquest into the 2008 deaths of 22 people from eating contaminated meat. Watch til the end. Really.

cmkl: So Alterna has a new website, including online banking

I’ve been anticipating the relaunch of Alterna, the former CS-Co-op which bought some of the Capital Community Credit Union, where I do most of my banking for some time now. After at least one delay, they’ve relaunched.

cmkl: Well it was redneck hot button day today, wasn’t it

First there was this. Combining flag waving patriotism with Islamophobia and use it to take a stab at “the other”. The Globe item has 1779 comments on it. I’m going to guess that a new dawn of cross cultural understanding is not rising there.

cmkl: It was Mallory’s idea

She was talking about going to summer camp at dinner time tonight too. Afterward, she wanted us all to go watch TV together. We said ‘sure, but daddy will join after he does the dishes’. Then she said she wanted to help me do the dishes.

cmkl: And so now I have a cold and a new headline face

At first I thought it was because I’d done a lot of talking over loud music at the office Christmas party Thursday evening. But now it’s definitely a cold. Or a mild flu. The three of us were out running errands and such like this afternoon and I never really warmed up when I came ...

cmkl: Piano recital

I had this plan to take a picture of Mallory playing at her first piano recital this evening. She wanted me to sit on the bench with her and I figured I could use the front-facing camera on my phone to get a shot of her rocking out on Batter Up or Mary Had a ...

cmkl: So… crawling in from the work Christmas party

I went up to say goodnight to Irene and she told me that the evening had been uneventful but that Mallory had been sad that she wouldn’t say goodnight to me. I neglected to warn her that I wouldn’t be home before her bedtime.

cmkl: Neko Case, Lucy Wainwright Roche at the Bronson Centre

Awesome enough to brave the Bronson Centre’s punitive seating, I tell you. Being an old fart I don’t get out to a lot of rock ‘n’ roll shows, especially since all the good music’s already been made. But I did make an exception for Neko Case.