cartoon life: Franceso delle Opere after Perugino

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cartoon life: Del Polliaollo portrait

The drawing is better, the resemblance is better, but just not there yet. I should likely stop and just measure. The tendency to prettify and make cute is so unconscious. Filed under: art Tagged: pearls, portrait, uffizzi

cartoon life: Portrait of Matteo Palmieri

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mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Dynastic Ambitions

Reginald Tweedsmuire had invented the tongue depressor, tongue scraper and uvula tickler (better known as the Roman Weight Management Apparatus), and he was said to be in line for a Knighthood for his Force 10 Mustache Wax (capable of keeping … Continue reading →

LeDaro: Mike Duffy’s New Portrait

To be hung in the Senate Chamber.

Art Threat: How Many Gallons per Hour? – Water Portraits brings water usage closer to home

In the excitement at finally convincing his father to be the first subject of his water portraits, Peter Holmes poured cold water over his father’s head. A surprise to both of them. Since the initial portrait, 16 have been taken over a two year period in North America, Europe, Morocco, and Turkey. Water Portraits is ...

LeDaro: Stephen Harper’s Portrait

Ms. Margaret Sutherland got it all wrong. This portrait of Stephen Harper would have been more appropriate.

Art Threat: Artist Profile: Interview with Michael D’Antuono – Artist challenges government’s monetary redistribution, and more

Michael D’Antuono’s work is striking. His background as an illustrator sets a foundation for a remarkable oil painting style – deep shadows all set among poignant messages. After years of being instructed what to draw, the contraction of severe tendonitis led him to lay down the pencils and pick up oil painting – a move ...