Progressive Proselytizing: 2014 Ontario Election: Much to lose, little to gain for the NDP

I once wrote about what I called the “n-party problem”, how movements of various parties on a political spectrum is much more complicated when n, the number of political parties, is greater than two, analogous to the complicated orbits of n-body solar systems for n greater than two.  The positioning of the parties in the ... What’s in a Merger?

  We have a problem. Nobody knows what a merger is. When you want to mobilize people and get people moving you need a plan of action. A raison d’etre. A movement of sorts that congeals the product of the conversation and gets moving to the next step. For a political party the destruction of its ... Harvey Locke Wins Liberal Nomination with 58% of the Vote

With membership tripling in the month and a half of campaigning, four strong candidates, and a positive campaign to win the nomination for the Liberal Party of Canada in Calgary-Centre, the race for the nomination has come to a close with Harvey Locke as the Liberal nominee.   Pulling it in a landslide of 58% ...