Larry Hubich's Blog: The Sask Party is just not listening


Larry Hubich's Blog: The Sask Party is just not listening


Larry Hubich's Blog: The Sask Party is just not listening


CuriosityCat: The Duffy Senate trial: The Missing Prime Minister “Shut Down” Email

Barrister Bayne, Duffy and Nigel Wright chronicleherald Yesterday Donald Bayne, the bulldog barrister acting for senator Duffy in Duffy’s criminal trial, focused on an email that Nigel Wright, the prime minister’s former chief of staff, had not disclosed as part of the 400 plus pages of email data dump. Found here, in Macleans delightfully detailed ...

CuriosityCat: Duffy senate scandal: Nigel Wright says PM Harper “good to go” on coverup points

As expected, the now famous words “good to go” were front and centre in the cross examination of state witness Wright by Duffy’s defence counsel yesterday (my underlining): It gripped a packed courtroom, not because Wright dropped bombshells but because the top insider finally told the story behind one of the biggest mysteries in the ...

CuriosityCat: Success – Greece to stay in the Eurozone and the EU

Hands are being wrung; Chancellor Merkel is being cast as a vicious, heartless, and vengeful person; some speak of the French president being brushed aside; and Greeks are dismayed. During a tense, drama-filled weekend, a deal was hammered out and presented to the debtor nation, which now has to pass legislation this week in order ...

Larry Hubich's Blog: Michael Harris at Unifor Ontario Regional Council, November 2014

Larry Hubich's Blog: Michael Harris at Unifor Ontario Regional Council, November 2014

Larry Hubich's Blog: Michael Harris at Unifor Ontario Regional Council, November 2014

Politics and its Discontents: Canada’s Fearless Tax Warrior

That intrepid capeless crusader for core Conservative concepts, Finance Minister ‘Uncle’ Joe Oliver, has found yet another weapon in his utility pouch to save us from the implacable clutches of taxation. Rather than rely on a bureaucracy that may be rife with ‘fifth columnists, Oliver has decided to outsource fiscal analysis to those most acquainted ...

CuriosityCat: USA: Elizabeth Warren takes the fight to Wall Street

The Real USA The highly intelligent, courageous and scrappy new senator is not stopping in her fight for the middle class. She is pounding the streets, raising money for long-shot Democrat candidates, and focusing on the rigged stock market that favours the wealthy and has a lock on many elected senators and House representatives: Yet ...

CuriosityCat: Coming soon: High Noon in Ottawa, starring Senator “Sixgun” Duffy

The Mounties have ridden into town, dismounted, and placed their investigations in the hands of the state prosecutors. The prosecutors have carefully drafted 31 charges against a senator, and the stage is now set for an epic High Noon shootout on a dusty street in front of the Parliament in Ottawa. And the senator has ...

Northern Reflections: Tolerating Rot

As Rob Ford heads off to rehab in Chicago, Carol Goar writes that Canadians are besotted with shameless politicians: A casual lawlessness has crept into the high offices of the land. It is not outright criminality, punishable by fines and jail time (at least not yet). It is an attitude among those entrusted with power ...

Politics and its Discontents: Going, Going ….

And soon gone, would be my guess. Read this CBC report and watch the following video, both of which suggest to this observer that Eve Adams is not long for this political world: Recommend this Post

CuriosityCat: Ukraine needs help to overcome the Iron Law of Oligarchy

Daron Acemoglu’s articleon the Ukraine in today’s Globe & Mail is a must read for all who are concerned about the mammoth task facing Ukraine right now. Unlike so many writers who skate across the thin ice of ignorance in their commentary on what is really happening in that blighted country, Acemoglu gets to the ...

Politics and its Discontents: Rather Apt, Don’t You Think?

h/t Canadians Rallying To Unseat Stephen Harper Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: The Responsibility We All Must Assume

In a column entitled A disheartening year in Canadian politics published on Dec. 20, The Globe’s Jeffrey Simpson recounts the corruption, buffoonery and scandals that permeate our municipal, provincial and federal political governments. Whether we look at the antics of Toronto’s Rob Ford, the widespread venality, graft and ties to organized crime endemic to Montreal ...

CuriosityCat: Senate expenses scandal: The spreading ripples

Mounties are acoming … Here are some recent developments: Duffy’s expenses actually amounted to more than $90,000, and the RCMP alleges that Wright broke the law by giving Duffy the money to cover them. The affidavit also includes correspondence between staffers in the Prime Minister’s Office and Conservative senators about an audit that was being ...

CuriosityCat: Senate expenses scandal: Snippets from the Mounties

They’re are the march … to protect our democracy A bombshell burst in Ottawa today when the Mounties filed a request for a search warrant dealing with the Duffy expenses scandal. Reading that request is interesting. I include a few snippets that caught my eye. Overall, my impression from the sketchy information in the document ...

Politics and its Discontents: A Debt Owed To The Media

As fashionable as it is to denigrate the mainstream media for their frequent timidity and conservatism, public knowledge about both Rob Ford’s disgraceful performance as Mayor of Toronto and the current Senate scandal embroiling Stephen Harper, impeaching the integrity and honesty of both politicians, would not exist were it not for a diligent media, especially ...

Larry Hubich's Blog: Free the CBC from political interference

Larry Hubich's Blog: Free the CBC from political interference

Larry Hubich's Blog: Free the CBC from political interference

CuriosityCat: The Duffy Deal: The PMO-Duffy Email and the Mounties

Hot on the trail of the Email The Mounties are as iconic Canadian as you can find. The Mounties always getting their man is so much part of the Canadian DNA that nobody smiles when the phrase is used. It is bedrock Canada, as authentic as the hard, unyielding Canadian shield. The Mounties are one ...

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Ask General Kang: Do you pardon your followers, even if they did something wrong?

I would never pardon a follower if they did ME wrong, but if they made a “mistake” and were then penalized by the legal community, I might decide to save them from doing prison time — particularly if they’re a … Continue reading →