Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: This Morning In Police Shootings…

Killed for a misread tweet. Inquiry into #DonDunphy announced #cdnpoli #nlpoli — Derrick O’Keefe (@derrickokeefe) September 23, 2016 Woman experiencing mental distress calls 911. Police arrive and shoot her three times. SIU lays no charges. — Desmond Cole (@DesmondCole) September 23, 2016 A man is experiencing mental distress. Toronto police arrive at his […]

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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Aww, Poor Police

“That continuous accountability, continuously being in the public eye, and that having to be infallible … it puts a lot of pressure on our police officers, and contributes to their mental health.” Did he mean “poor mental health”? Imagine being watched all of the time. What kind of stress would that cause? Sorry for the […]

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Kersplebedeb | Kersplebedeb: Cops are Gangsters

Intro: There are millions of oppressed people inside the borders of the u.s., but I’m not one of them. I come from a privileged background. I’m not the main victim of the police. Nor am I a leader in the growing struggle against police violence. Recognizing how far I am from the front lines, I hesitated to write about cops at all.

 In the end I decided that it’s important for all radicals, whether oppressed or privileged, to struggle for clarity about cops’ place in society.

 There are many kinds of police, ranging from elite national political police like the ………..READ MORE

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