Montreal Simon: The Pentagon’s Mysterious UFO Program

Whenever I'm in Scotland, I like to ride out to this ruined castle near my family home, lie on its grassy slopes in the dark highland night, stare up at all those stars in the sky.And wonder on occasion whether there are aliens out there zipping around in their UFOs. And if so could they ...

The Canadian Progressive: David Suzuki: Extinction crisis signals that it’s time to change course

A new comprehensive report points to a potential human-induced wild-animal population “extinction crisis unlike any since dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago.” David Suzuki helps us make sense of it all. The post David Suzuki: Extinction crisis signals that it’s time to change course appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

LeDaro: Climate Change

If we continue our current practice of consuming fossil fuels we will slowly but surely turn planet earth into a barren planet.

LeDaro: Trash in the Pacific Ocean

We humans are doing a good job to pollute our planet. Not in too distant future it may become unlivable. You may watch the video here.

LeDaro: Fate of the Earth

Is it possible that the Planet Earth can become a totally barren planet in the not too distant future? In particular if the CO2 emissions and pollution continue at the current or accelerated rate?

Montreal Simon: Voyager One and Our Message to the Aliens

It's amazing to think that this little toy that we earthlings made is now sailing out of our solar system. The tireless Voyager I spacecraft, launched in the disco era and now more than 11 billion miles from Earth, has become the first man-made object to enter interstellar space, scientists said Thursday. Interstellar space, scientists now ...

LeDaro: Planet Earth: Time lapse photos over 29 years recorded by various satellites

These time-lapse photos – taken over 29 years – are very telling, about what we humans are doing to this Earth. Urban sprawl in Las Vegas, forests and delicate ecosystems being destroyed in the Amazon, melting ice-caps, pollution, and more. How far will this go? When will the needed action be taken to curb this ...