ezra winton: The Documentary Download Dilemma – A Conversation with Doc-streamers Thought Maybe

Much ink has been spilled and pixels punctuated regarding the ongoing controversial topic around the copyright, downloading, streaming and file sharing of creative content — yet there has been little discussion (outside of organizational listserves and at festival forums) of documentary cinema and file sharing. This may be in large part due to the fact that public ...

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Pirate etymology: sea dog

Many believe the term stems from the dog-like appearance of the seal, while others claim it is grizzled old sailors. Both of these are correct, nautically speaking, but not when it comes to the pirate. Pirates, and more particularly, privateers, … Continue reading →

Dead Wild Roses: I love the new Copyright Math – TED Talks Rob Reid

I’m thinking we may need to investigate the MPAA’s claims about piracy and copyright… Oh and we get redefine terms as well: Filed under: Internet, Media, Technology and Computers Tagged: Copyright, Humour, MPAA, MPAA Histronics, Piracy