Accidental Deliberations: Polluted by crimes, but torn by no remorse

Shorter Brad Wall on what’s truly important as an oil spill pollutes drinking water along the North Saskatchewan River: I only hope this monster running amok doesn’t make it harder to sell new reanimation technologies. Or in graphic form…

Accidental Deliberations: New column day

Here, on the contrast between Brad Wall’s choice to spare no public expense in planning for his own comfort while travelling, and his apparent lack of any forethought in navigating the national political scene. For further reading…– The NDP broke the news about Wall’s use of “travel scouts” to seek perks and upgrades in advance ...

Accidental Deliberations: Good to go

A few images which may or may not become highly relevant in just a few minutes.

Accidental Deliberations: On gleeful destruction

Others have pointed out Stephen Harper’s remarkably joyful mood at the prospect of getting into another Iraq war. But lest we let the moment pass without some photographic and Photoshop memory, I’ll offer up the following…

Accidental Deliberations: #MacKayTees

I won’t claim to match Stephen Lautens’ collection of #MacKayTees. But I will add a couple to the mix. First, making using of a picture which fortuitously made its way around the Internets yesterday: And second, encapsulating conservatism in four small words:

Accidental Deliberations: Happy [REDACTED] Day!

Building on Nickie’s idea, I figured we’ll all feel a bit more festive this Canada Day using a Canadian flag as approved and redacted by the Cons and their Public Safety department. Enjoy!

Accidental Deliberations: The sales pitch

Following up on yesterday’s Photoshop post, let’s salute one of the most eminently parody-worthy moments of the Cons’ spring: namely, Joe Oliver’s pitch to get Canadians drinking water from oil sands tailings ponds. Joe Oliver pitches Conservative Sludge

Accidental Deliberations: On truth in advertising

It’s been quite some time since I did anything new with Photoshop – and lately, that’s been more out of a lack of time than a lack of readily available material. But now that we’re into a quiet political season, let’s start working on some images to define the Cons’ plans for Canada – starting ...