BigCityLib Strikes Back: BCLSB Exclusive: Draft Version Of Peter Mackay’s Facebook Statement On Women!

Peter Mackay recently issued a Facebook statement on that whole “women issue”.  I have been able to access, via secret backdoor channels and a mole within the CPC establishment, an early version of that statement, before government spin-doctors got to it and, as they say, “softened the message”.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Justice Minister Peter MacKay Notices That Each Of His Fingers Is, Like, Totally Different

Just before announcing that the government’s attacks on Justin Trudeau over marijuana legalization have failed and he will be introducing copy-cat legislation very soon.  Later on, MacKay plans to “spin some early Floyd and just chill”.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: The Gaffes Of Mackay: A Brief Compendium

Working backwards from the most recent: July 2012: Peter Mackay forgets who we fought against  in War of 1812 April 2012: Peter Mackay is outsmarted by bureaucrats. January 2011: Peter Mackay forgets where California is. February 2010: Peter Mackay brings CFL Football to Moncton for a day: cost 1.5 mil January 2010: Peter Mackay forgets ...