Politics and its Discontents: A Sad Anatomical Fact

This is what happens, boys and girls, to those who have had their head up their posterior for more than the recommended duration: Recommend this Post

The Disaffected Lib: Are Establishment Republicans Cowering in Their Cellars?

Once he’s sworn into office, could Trump unleash his very own, Republican Reichsmordwoche  or “night of the long knives”? That was the week when Adolph Hitler purged his movement of potential threats, such as SA head Ernst Rhom. The number murdered by the SS and Gestapo is unknown. 85 prominent Nazis were executed, possibly hundreds. ...

RedBedHead: Joy At Republican Humiliation Shouldn’t Make Us Forget The Choices Sucked

I was in a bar/restaurant near my house on election night, trying to get some work done and watching the results come in. At first it seemed like a nail-biter (though I was convinced that it would be a fairly easy sweep for Obama) and people were texting and Facebooking their fear that Romney the ...

Alberta Diary: Republican failure shows conservative parties must adapt, like Alberta PCs, or die

Psychological/political portraits of Stephen Harper and Barack Obama by Edmonton artist William Prettie. Used with permission. This too shall pass… Now and then throughout history, as with Whigs and Communists, international political-ideological movements of enormous influence wither and disappear, often quite suddenly. It is rarely their call. Neoconservatives – or neoliberals, call them what you ...

The Disaffected Lib: Paul Ryan’s Greasy Soup Kitchen Stunt

Romney running mate Paul Ryan really doesn’t like the poor or their soup kitchens.  In fact, if he had his way, he’d slash the very social spending they depend on. That’s why it was curious when Ryan, with wife and three kids in tow, showed up uninvited at the soup kitchen in the poorest town ...

LeDaro: Joe Biden and Paul Ryan Debate

SNL’s take on the Vice-Presidential debate.

Drive-by Planet: Tom Morello: ‘jackass’ Ryan embodiment of the machine RATM’s music has been raging against

What’s with Paul Ryan’s Rage Against the Machine appreciation? The Tea Party poster boy listed Rage as one of his fave bands. There is nothing about Ryan’s right-wing politics and certainly not personal style/attitude that announces “RATM fan.” This week in a Hollywood Reporter interview, Rage guitarist Tom Morello said “[Rage] is a band that ...

Politics and its Discontents: When Seniors Get Angry

You know you’re in trouble when seniors start booing you. Too bad we are still asleep at the switch in Canada when it comes to the unnecessary cuts in OAS that Harper is making: H/t ThinkProgress Recommend this Post

Canadian Progressive: How Putin Learned That Putin Was Behind The Plot To Assassinate Putin

How Putin Learned That Putin Was Behind The Plot To Assassinate Putin.  

Politics and its Discontents: From The Great Exporter Of Democracy

I guess free speech is something Republicans only value when they export their democratic principles. Recommend this Post

Drive-by Planet: The Romney and Ryan smoke and mirrors show

During the Republican nomination race Rick Perry described Mitt Romney as a “vulture capitalist” – a sinister cartoonish metaphor that perfectly describes the predatory business practices that have made Romney his millions. Perry went further – he accused Romney of “picking their bones clean” rather than focusing on ways to “clean up those companies, save ...

LeDaro: Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, had crying spell during Paul Ryan’s speech at GOP Convention

Another John Boehner of Republican Party. “TAMPA, Fla. — Less than 10 minutes into Rep. Paul Ryan’s vice presidential nomination speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was seen with a big tear running down his face.”

LeDaro: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Tampa – Working hard

…and having some fun.:)

Accidental Deliberations: Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading. – On the anniversary of Jack Layton’s death, Tim Harper points out how far the NDP has come in just a year, while Brian Topp highlights where the party still needs to go: (W)hat to do about the federal government’s crisis of relevance? Recent Liberal and Conservative governments have ...

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Teabagger

Golly. Don't look now eh? But I hear that Stephen Harper has fallen hard for the new Republican heartthrob Paul Ryan. You have to believe that the duo of Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty are salivating at the chance to work with a Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan White House. Ryan is a supporter of the Keystone ...

Politics and its Discontents: Our American Cousins?

One can’t help but wonder if Harper’s police force has been giving lessons to their American cousins in stifling free speech at right-wing political rallies. Recommend this Post

Impolitical: Late night

Rough first day for Paul Ryan on the campaign trail in Iowa. This footage shows a bit more of the mayhem than the head on footage of Ryan on the stage. Protesters pursued him on his walk out as well. More on the scene. I don’t get any likability factor with this guy. His speech ...

DeSmogBlog: What To Expect When You’re Electing: Representative Paul Ryan

Ryan Romney.jpg With the selection of Wisconsin Republican Representative Paul Ryan has his running mate, Mitt Romney has effectively pushed his campaign into the climate change denying fringe. While Romney hasn’t been considered a friend of the environment since he began running for national office, his tendency towards flip-flopping made some of his more extreme, ...

LeDaro: Mitt Romney introduces Paul Ryan – a gaffe followed by euphoria

Media missed the euphoria part. 🙂 Enjoy!

Scott's DiaTribes: US Politics – Mitt Romney chooses Paul Ryan as his VP candidate. Democrats applaud

So it’s official, Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee, has chosen US Congressman Paul Ryan as his Vice-Presidential running mate. You don’t know much about Paul Ryan? He’s viewed as an ideological right-wing Congressman, who would be supported by those folks known as the Tea Party faction in the US. How ideological is he? One of ...

DeSmogBlog: Fact Checking The New Paul Ryan Budget on Energy and Environment

ryan_620x350.jpg Representative Paul Ryan (R–WI) has released his budget for fiscal year 2013. To almost no one’s surprise, his outline is filled with too many falsehoods and outright lies to count. After analyzing just one section of his proposal – the section on energy and the environment – more than half a dozen false statements ...