cartoon life: Paper periodically posts personal profiles

Paper by 53 periodically

cartoon life: Out with the soft, in with the firm. 

So happy to have a bunch of new firm pencil tips. Why can’t I buy these? I would.  Filed under: digital, drawing Tagged: firm tips, Paper by 53, Pencil

cartoon life: Stop waking me up I’m trying to sleep

The digitizer on this iPad has some brain dead spots, it seems, where Pencil in Paper looses its brain. Either it’s Pencil, some sensitive coding in the app or the digitizer, or memory, or processor speed on this 3G iPad. So the black line work was done in Paper with the new fancy stuff turned ...

cartoon life: Scribble cat

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cartoon life: Paper is very very nice, but…

Paper by 53 is very very nice, but people have been listening. Sketches, flipink… Hmmm… Knockoffs? I really don’t know what is fair anymore. Neither off these would be anything without Paper trailblazing. But both answer elegantly what Paper didn’t answer for a year, and somethings it still doesn’t do. Is the design of the ...