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Happy Friday everyone! I hope your weekend is pure pandamonium! Yang your ying (or vice versa) with a little satirical fiction. Alltop has more bare humor.

ParliamANT Hill: The Art of Distraction

Inspired by these stories:

drive-by planet: Harper government ‘an embarrassment’ with bailout on U.N. drought convention "talkfest"

Another first for the UN-phobic Harper government. After earning the distinction of being first to bail out of Kyoto, they are now the first to jump ship from the UN’s convention on drought. Why? Less to do with the needed work the convention is actually doing and more because in the eyes of the government ...

drive-by planet: Harper’s screwed up priorities

ParliamANT Hill: GiAnt pandas land in TorAnto, get airport greeting from PM

Inspired by this headline

Panda photobombs Harper

Found this on Buzzfeed. I love the look on the Panda’s face. “Holy shit, look at that ugly creature. So that’s a Canadian, eh? Poor things.”