The Canadian Progressive: David Suzuki: Confronting the crisis of violence against Indigenous women and girls in Canada

David Suzuki on the crisis of violence against Indigenous women and girls in Canada, and the “hard work and leadership of Indigenous women and communities who have spent decades calling for an inquiry.” The post David Suzuki: Confronting the crisis of violence against Indigenous women and girls in Canada appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Canadian Progressive World: NYPD brutalized Occupy Wall Street protesters and violated their rights: REPORT

I spend the last five hours digesting the contents of the report on the first systematic look the NYPD’s response to Occupy Wall Street protests. The report is the product of an eight-month investigation undertaken by law clinics at Fordham, Harvard, NYU and Stanford. Titled “Suppressing Protest: Human Rights Violations in the U.S. Response to ...

Trashy's World: The Ottawa police have released a sketch…

… of the freak who has been sexually assaulting women in the Alta Vista area. Please feel free to copy and paste into any media where we can get some broad coverage. SOMEONE has to know this freak! Call the cops if you do! Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario

Politics and its Discontents: Ottawa Police Chief (Do You Remember Tracy Bonds?) Appointed to Senate

Despite the CBC puff piece interview of Ottawa Police Chief Vern White on his appointment by the Harper government to the Senate, many will remember him as the chief presiding over infamous police prisoner abuse cases in Ottawa, especially the one involving Tracy Bonds. Given Stephen Harper’s diversionary crackdown-on-declining-crime-legislation, his choice makes perfect sense. Recommend ...

Canadian Progressive World: Defiant Occupy Ottawa returns to Confederation Park

Occupy Ottawa’s tents are gone from Confederation Park. But the movement’s right to use the park to exercise its freedoms of assembly and expression, which are enshrined in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, remains …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Obert Madondo in the news: Metro News on November 23 2011

Metro News reports on my injuries sustained when I was dragged by Ottawa Police officers during the eviction of Occupy Ottawa protesters from Confederation Park shortly after yesterday. Quote from the paper: “”They dragged me …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: On Global Day of Action, Occupy Ottawa flexes underrated muscle

By Obert Madondo Even as the threat of eviction from Confederation Park looms larger, the Occupy Ottawa movement is getting stronger, says Arun Smith. Yesterday, the movement held simultaneous marches before four key Ottawa landmarks: …Read More

No freedom of assembly in Harperica

Dawg had a timely post yesterday on the scandalous conduct of the NYPD during the Occupy Wall Street protests. To that, add this “long line of Canadians being arrested for protecting Canada” on Parliament Hill today: Pic tweeted by @thevillagegreen

Politics and its Discontents: More Police Brutality

For anyone concerned about police brutality and abuse of power, I urge you to check out the latest posting on Dawg’s Blog, which details how Ottawa police beat a sleeping homeless person. Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: The Star: Police Strip Searches On The Rise

As reported in today’s Toronto Star, “Toronto police strip searched roughly 60 per cent of the people they arrested in 2010, compared to 32 per cent 10 years ago, according to police statistics.” Given recent high profile incidents of this practice, some have suggested that the authorities are using the searches as a tool of ...