cartoon life: Shaggy cool cat

In process, maybe done, maybe not. I feel a push-pull about doing something in the background. Typically – even as I neglected the practice for a time – it starts with a scribble, a mark, a motion, without intention to become anything, then it becomes something. The pencil marks remained for a long time, then, i ...

cartoon life: So, how was your day, cat?

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The Scott Ross: Liberal Red And NDP Orange

The Liberal Party of Canada is often criticized for being stagnant, for not changing, but one just has to look at its logo, its branding, and more specifically, its colour to see that is not true. Colours are important, people naturally associate feelings and ideas to them. Advertisers know this and use colours to associate ...

The Scott Ross: With St-Denis, NDP Can’t Move On, Only Down

NDP MP Lise St-Denis turned Liberal, and just as her former party capitalized on Jack Layton, so is her new party. The recently elected Quebec MP Lise St-Denis left the NDP and in a carefully crafted statement provided the most potent thrust the Liberal Party can offer to Quebec and probably did through the lips ...

cartoon life: Six sixteen by twenty

The six paintings are done, except for the tedious last glaze layer and painting the edges. Filed under: art, comment, painting Tagged: acrylic, canvas, cloud, landscapes, orange, red, white, wind, yellow

cartoon life: Six clouds in progress 4

I think these are as done as I can make them.   Filed under: art, painting Tagged: acrylic, art, canvas, cloud, orange, painting, red, white, wind, yellow

cartoon life: six clouds in progress

<br>I think the bottom two and the top left are done. Certainly better, more accurate colour, better detailed photos will be up when the things are done. Filed under: art, painting Tagged: art, cloud, collage, orange, painting, red, white, wind, yellow

cartoon life: There. Fixed.

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