Dead Wild Roses: The Dynasty is Dead! All Hail the New Orange Crush!

Let’s be honest folks, this election win by Rachel Notley and the NDP was completely unexpected here in what has been fortress Tory Alberta for the last 44 years.  I watched the election write itself out with trepidation for the first hour and a half, because one can never forget, this is Alberta, and for ...

Dead Wild Roses: Shameless Political Advertising – Vote for Alberta’s Orange Crush!

Time for a change in Alberta.  Let’s give Ms. Notley a chance.   A link here to the official Elections Alberta site. I’m look at you younger crowd, ‘unbusy’ yourself and vote this time to make a difference. Filed under: Canada, Politics Tagged: Alberta Election, NDP, Orange Crush, Shameless Political Plug

Politics, Re-Spun: Liveblogging Today’s NDP Leaders Debate

Today’s NDP leadership debate lands in Quebec. I’m using 14 criteria to evaluate who I’ll be voting for. Let me know if you have suggestions for improved criteria. 2012.02.12 NDP Leaders Debate February 2, 2012 — NDP Leaders, By the Numbers and the Intangibles (0) August 27, 2011 — Liveblog of Jack Layton’s Funeral (0) ...

Politics, Re-Spun: 17 Federal NDP Leadership Possibilities

Jack Layton spent much time in his last days crafting his messages of hope, justice, optimism, equality and integrity: encouraging us to move on and build on the Orange Crush that he was such a key part of. So far I’ve heard of 17 who people are talking about considering as leadership contenders; few are ...

Politics, Re-Spun: Liveblog of Jack Layton’s Funeral

It’s been an astonishing week since Jack Layton’s death and not-so-surprising outpouring of public grief and recognition of what he brought to Canadian politics and public service: optimism and integrity, as I see it. What about you? His funeral is set for today at 2pm, Toronto time. Please feel free to participate in our liveblog ...

ParliamANT Hill: Tories Win Majority

THE FIFTH COLUMN: <font color=#FF8040>REMEMBER</font>

It’s Time To Vote

ParliamANT Hill: Royal Wedding Celebrated by CanadiAnts

Inspired by this story:

Politics, Re-Spun: A Compendium of My Prime Minister Layton Posts

I’ve enjoyed writing four pieces about the Prime Minster Layton concept in the last 2.5 years. Originally, it was a wishful thinking hyper long-shot in a prorogation crisis at a time when the Liberals had no firm leader. Then in June 2010 it was a curiosity when polling indicated a Jack Layton-led coalition with the ...