Georgia Straight: OpenMedia encourages voters to consider policies around access, privacy in federal election

Check out this amazing coverage of our pro-Internet election plan on The Georgia Straight! The Internet is something we shouldn’t take for granted. We should take action to have our democratic rights as citizens, to make sure it stays open, accessible and free for everyone. This election, vote for the Internet! Article by Stephen Hui for ... CBC: CRTC to announce big decision on fibre optic network access

Are you in Canada? Do you have a radio? You probably heard OpenMedia this morning talking about today’s forthcoming CRTC decision on fibre optic network access. Here’s one of the 20 radio interviews we gave to inform Canadians all across the country about today’s announcement. Stay tuned! Article by CBC News read more Vancouver 24hs: BC groups push CRTC for cheaper Internet

Ensure Canadians get faster, cheaper Interner while there’s still time! Speak out at Article by Stefania Seccia for Vancouver 24hs.  This Tuesday is the deadline to submit initial comments on the fast-approaching hearings for cheaper, faster Internet — and so far 25,000 people have signed a petition and scores of others intend to hold ... iPolitics: It’s time for a social media rebellion, including Conservative voters, to #KillC51!

 A version of this piece from principled conservative activist and OpenMedia community member Connie Fournier was originally published by iPolitics. The government’s unpopular Bill C-51 has finally become law, following a recent tight vote in the Senate. The vote, at 44 to 28, was closer than expected – almost all the opponents of the Bill ... Global: Conservative groups repeal Bill C-51 in open letter to Harper

Nearly 100 traditionally libertarian and conservative organizations like the National Firearms Association and Free Dominion, have signed a letter circulated by your OpenMedia team asking Prime Minister Stephen Harper to kill Bill C-51. Groups and individuals can continue to sign on at: Article by Vassy Kapelos for Global News read more An Internet User’s Guide to the CRTC’s "Choicebook"

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With your support we’ve been able to share your cell phone horror stories with decision-makers at the CRTC, bring your messages directly to officials behind the TPP, and continue in amplifying Canadian voices on an international level. Cory Doctorow, co-editor of Boing Boing and digital rights activist, had this to say: “At a time when ... Why I support OpenMedia: Christina’s story

We asked our community to share stories about why they support our work as part of our yearly December Allies Drive. Christina Bub of Ontario had this to say: “OpenMedia does all the leg-work – they tear down the hurdle that prevents people from taking action, so their campaigns reflect the true number of like-minded ... Bell raises prices, Telus furthers usage limits: Big Telecom is hurting the Internet

This week, Canadians learned that big telecom company Telus will be further limiting how much its customers can use the Internet. Soon after, we learned that big telecom company Bell will be jacking up their prices for Internet. After fighting for Internet openness and affordability for years, the pro-Internet community knows: this is price-gouging, pure ... News Limited Network: United Nations wants control of web kill switch

A closed-door meeting to be held next month will determine if your Internet use will become governed by a UN agency – the ITU – in imposing greater controls and limiting personal expression. In response, we’ve assembled a multi-national coalition of organizations and citizens to express their rights to Internet freedom. Learn more about who’s ... From the beginning, OpenMedia has been about you

With the support of people like you, OpenMedia was founded just four years ago to engage Canadians in key decisions that affect the Internet’s future. In the face of telecom giants and governments that want to control the Internet, we’ve watched as the pro-Internet community has come together and grown into an empowered national and ... The Globe and Mail: CRTC chief aims to gain the trust of Canadians

In the wake of Canadians speaking out to, CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais is emphasizing the importance of earning Canadians’ trust and input in future decision-making. Let’s ensure that this pledge to serving the public interest stands. Show the CRTC that Canadians are stuck in an unfair and expensive cell phone market by sharing your ... Thanks for asking us anything!

What do you get when you round up an enthusiastic group of digital rights experts, online innovators and advocates of Net Freedom – all with the purpose of taking any and all questions from members of the Internet community? If yesterday’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit is to be any indication, this arrangement of ... We’re hosting a Reddit AMA – join us!

We’re on Reddit today from 9AM – 7PM EST talking about Internet freedom, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and what comes next for our campaign. Throughout the day, we’ll be joined by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Professor Michael Geist and various digital rights experts from Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Knowledge, InternetNZ, Electronic Frontiers Australia, Public Citizen ... OpenMedia joins Freedom Not Fear in fighting surveillance measures that threaten Internet freedom

We at OpenMedia are proud, this year, to be a part of a coalition of more than 150 organizations that share a common goal: freedom, not fear. Every September, the Freedom Not Fear Coalition meets in many different places around the world to reinforce the push for fundamental rights like privacy, free expression, due process, ... EFF: How OpenMedia is using the Internet to save the Internet

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement continues to threaten our free speech, Internet privacy and due process. As negotiators behind the TPP continue to hide the text from public eyes, we’ve been taking to the Internet to voice our concerns. With your support, we’re raising awareness of our campaign and pushing for an open ... Scaling up together to meet the threats to the open Internet

From the beginning the Internet has always been about us; those who use the Internet to connect with one another, to create, to express ourselves, and to make our lives just a little bit easier. We’ve been successful in standing up to lobbyists who act to restrict Internet freedom in their drive to prop up ... Campaign update: From its inception the Internet has been about us

From its inception the Internet has been about us: the users. Yet time and time again old government and industry bureaucracies have tried to restrict our connection to each other through the Internet. Their latest effort comes in the form of the TPP’s Internet trap. This extreme and secretive scheme appears to be an attempt ... CBC: Rogers contracts push the envelope, lawyer says

Rogers costumers in fixed-term contracts have no choice but to accept rate hikes or pay steep fees to end their contract. Does this seem fair to you? If you are sick of telecom price-gouging, take action by signing our Stop the Squeeze petition and make the switch to an indy ISP. From CBC News: Some ... Financial Post: Big telcos warn of ‘market shake-out’ if pick-and-pay TV model adopted

Big Telecoms Rogers and Shaw are lobbying against the so-called ‘a la carte’ model that would allow customers to pick and pay for individual channels. The CRTC also expressed concern over the pick-and-pay system saying that a lack of choice and flexibility could lead to consumers leaving the broadcasting system. Wait – isn’t Canadians dropping ... Border deal between Canada and U.S. raises privacy concerns

A recently unveiled border security agreement between Canada and its neighbour to the South requires Canada to step up security measures, and share more information on Canadians with the U.S. The new border deal will take the problem of the Canadian government spying on its citizens one step further, by adding the threat of Canadians’ ...