BigCityLib Strikes Back: OLPLDR Convention Roundup

Archaic and undemocratic as these delegated convention things are (and may they be gone forever after last night), the Ontario Liberal Party Leadership Convention of January 2013 turned out to be a wildly entertaining ride and, at least for we bloggers in attendance, one helluva good party. Of course, things didn’t go according to the ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: 2nd Round Results

Kennedy: 285 (13.7%)Pupatello: 817 (39.4%)Sousa: 203 (9.8%)Takhar: 18 (0.9%)Wynne: 750 (36.2%) Takhar missed the 2nd round drop off but unofficially went to Pupatello, That’s why his number above is so low.  Right now its a coin flip with Kennedy the possible Queen maker.  If Sousa goes to Pupatello, which is the speculation, Kennedy may go ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: OLPLDR First Ballot Results

Hoskins: 150 (7.2%)Kennedy: 281(13.5%)Pupatello: 599 (28.7%)Sousa: 222 (10.7%)Takhar 235 (11.3%)Wynne: 597 (28.6%) Wynne’s total is the surprise here, just a hair behind Sandra.  0.2% rather than the 2.0% predicted.  Big cheer from her supporters.  Gonna be an interesting, if long, afternoon.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Kathleen Wynne Pitch Speech

Kathleen Wynne’s presentation started ominously, with break dancing old people.  Her bio basically cast her as…technocrat is too harsh a term…but someone who has spent time solving problems within “the system”.  Tough but caring, maybe like your old high-school principle. As for the speech itself, there was an acknowledgement that we are on FN territory ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: OLP Leadership Convention Accreditation Page Is Up

Here.  Deadline, note carefully, is January 20th.