Montreal Simon: Doug Ford and the Good Mr Bumble

He stands accused of withholding money from his brother's widow and children.And of running the family business into the ground.The same label factory he claims has given him the experience to run Canada's biggest economy.And what Doug Ford had to say about that yesterday could only have satisfied the dumbest members of

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Photo: Donald Trump with United States Secretary of Commerce Kim Kardashian (kidding).  There was no shortage of political news to talk about this week on the Ryan Jespersen Show. On Friday morning I joined political analyst John Brennan, Global News provincial affairs reporter Tom Vernon and Ryan Jespersen to talk about

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Montreal Simon: Doug Ford and the Hash Bomb

Well I see Kathleen Wynne has bowed to the inevitable and conceded.  But not before dropping the H-bomb or Hash bomb on Doug Ford. Trailing in the polls with less than a week until the June 7 election, the Liberals have dropped the H-bomb — as in hash — on Doug Ford.Using digital media ads

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