Things Are Good: Online Sex Ed Course Decreases STI Risk in Teens

A lack of education around sex can lead to a lot of unwanted things like sexually transmitted infections and diseases to pregnancies. For many people sex is a taboo subject so delivering worthwhile information to teens can be difficult due to parent’s attitudes. One way to get directly to teens is through the internet and, ...

Things Are Good: Canadians Black Out and Speak Out to Defend Democracy

BlackOutSpeakOut is an online protest running in Canada today about the omnibus budget bill that the anti-democratic Conservative government is trying to force through parliament without debate. This is bad and you should care. Find out why Canadians are concerned here. Sign an online petition:

Canadian Progressive World: ANONYMOUS: Canada Should Scrap Bill C-30, Fire Minister Vic Toews

In this YouTube video, activist hacker group Anonymous is demanding the resignation of Canada’s beleaguered Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews. The group also calls for the dictatorship-style online surveillance bill C-30 to be scrapped. …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Conservatives Bill C-30: Upset Canadians #TellVicEverything

This week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Public Safety Minister Vic Toews attacked the Internet with Bill C-30. And Canadians’ right to online privacy and a host of individual freedoms. But Canadians – and the Internet …Read More