OPSEU Diablogue: OHA silent about sudden departure of CEO and President

Pat, we hardly knew you. A year after being appointed OHA CEO and President, Pat Campbell has mysteriously disappeared from the OHA. In a remarkably short announcement June 12, the OHA notes that its Board of Directors has appointed former … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Hospitals: Who is earning more than the $418,000 proposed BPS salary cap?

The Ontario Hospital Association is disappointed again. This week Dwight Duncan announced the government’s intention to cap salaries for new employees in the broader public sector – including hospitals – to $418,000 a year, or double Dalton McGuinty’s salary. The … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Is the OHA next to experience public wrath over executive bonuses?

It seems there are two choices with regards to executive compensation. The first is to simply place executives on salary and expect them to do the job they get paid for. That’s how rank and file employees get paid. The … Continue reading →