BigCityLib Strikes Back: I’m Getting Bad Vibes

Not so much because of the invite/event itself: …although it does strike me as a bit silly.  Your “favorite virtue”?  What?  Is this some kind of virgins only event?  But because it reminds me too much of this: And we all know what happened last time the LPC invoked Andy Warhol.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Go Away Michael Ignatieff

That is all. PS. You don’t have to read this piece on Iggy’s latest brainstorm. In fact, I’m linking to it so that you can positively decide not to read it.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Iggy, Still A Dick…

…forgotten but not gone, relevant in the UK, apparently.  Wanking it re the possibility of Que. separatism.  Kind of like a more pretentious Al Apps, but even more embarrassing.