mark a rayner: The nature of novelists

A short addendum, filed under who knows: Time-travelling pirates Über-chimp astrologers Ham-fisted hosers Over-emotional AIs Plus this subset of writers: Whisky-swilling scribblers Wine-soaked hacks Beery autobiographers Alltop is a algorithm posting as a humor site.

mark a rayner: Breakthrough books and late bloomers

As a “late bloomer” (my first novel wasn’t published until I was 39 and I haven’t had that “breakthrough” book yet), this interactive infographic is kind of reassuring. I hope you enjoy it it too! Alltop loves a good bloomer. Source: Blinkbox Books

mark a rayner: Quote: Vonnegut on reviewers

Originally appears in “The War Between Writers and Reviewers,” by Thomas Flemming in the NYT, 1985. Alltop loves a good bad review.

Politics, Re-Spun: Memoir from Antproof Case by Mark Helprin

My book recommendation for 2014. Enjoy; you’ll either love it immensely immediately, or it will do nothing for you and you’ll put it down. Another of his books, Winter’s Tale, with a pleasantly stellar cast, is coming out as a movie on Valentine’s Day. Here’s my brief review: Antproof = Catch-22 + Catcher in the ...

Art Threat: 1984 is blacked out in a graphic tribute to George Orwell

Penguin Books is releasing new editions of George Orwell’s best known books on January 21 to commemorate the inaugural “Orwell Day” — an annual event to celebrate the author and his influence on media and modern discourse. Designed by David Pearson, each book has a unique, typography-focused layout. It is the cover of 1984, however, ...