The Canadian Progressive: Why the July 12 net neutrality day of action in the United States matters

It’s the day a coalition of websites, technology companies, digital rights organizations, and internet users joined forces to to protest the Federal Communications Commission’s plan “to toss out net neutrality rules that preserve Internet freedom and prevent cable and telecommunications companies from controlling what we can see and do online.” The post Why the July ...

Things Are Good: Even Massive Multinationals Support Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is what allows the internet to be what it is, and without it the internet would be pretty much useless. The Trump administration is presently trying to eliminate net neutrality to protect the profits of a very small group of companies. It’s worth noting that the Obama administration also tried this but didn’t ... Arstechnica: Videotron provoking net neutrality fight with unlimited music

Instead of giving Big Telecom giants the power to choose which online apps and services are more expensive, why don’t they treat all services equally? Let’s put Canadians in the driver’s seat – not these out of touch telecom giants. Article by Peter Nowak for Arstechnica Quebec wireless provider Videotron looks to be stepping into ... We’re Telling U.S. Congress to Stop the Sneak Attack on the Internet Slow Lane

Well, here we go again: a powerful committee in the U.S. House of Representatives has introduced a bill that would kill the FCC’s Open Internet rules – or, so-called “Net Neutrality” rules – that we fought hard for and won after a long battle alongside a broad coalition of civil society organizations, Internet freedom groups, ... June 3 is Cell Phone Freedom Day!

Good news Canada! June 3, 2015 is Cell Phone Freedom Day. Starting next Wednesday, three year contracts which have run for 24 months or more can be cancelled without any penalties. For example, if you entered into a 3-year cell phone contract on June 3, 2013, you now have the option of ending that contract ... Zuckerberg’s is NOT the real Internet. It’s a trap

In response to pressure from our community, OpenMedia launched a new campaign called No Fake Internet, inviting people from around the world to stand with open Internet advocates in places like India, Brazil,  read more Guardian: Facebook is NOT the Internet

If Zuckerberg actually cares about helping the world’s poorest in this way, he should use his wealth and influence to boost the initiatives that are already on the ground. Article by John Naughton for The Guardian  Some years ago, I had a conversation with a senior minister in which he revealed that he thought the ... Huffington Post: Zuckerberg’s overshadows local efforts to get people connected to the full Internet not only violates net neutrality, it puts privacy, free expression and innovation at risk wherever it goes. Speak out now at No Fake Internet.  Article by Timothy Karr for the Huffington Post Mark Zuckerberg’s plan for world domination is in deep trouble. read more Alphabeatic: Canada still leads in high wireless prices

Wireless savings? Not for now. Canadians’ wallets are still hurting.  Article by Peter Nowak for Alphabeatic With the CRTC’s decision this week to forego implementing rules that would have allowed small companies to share the networks of bigger players, the regulator and government are both now pinning their hopes for wireless savings on newer competitors building infrastructure that’s ... Bell Mobility is taking Canadians to court so it can keep artificially inflating the price of competing apps and services

bell-mobileTV-appeal.png In an effort to make Internet services more like cable TV, Bell is trying to overturn a CRTC decision forcing the company to treat other video services fairly on their network February 23, 2015 – Over the weekend, OpenMedia learned that Bell Mobility filed a motion with the Federal Court of Appeal in an ... How Canada’s net neutrality rules are some of the best in the world

This article was originally published on the Huffington Post. Yesterday, U.S. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced his agency’s commitment to the strongest possible rules to prevent telecommunications companies from forcing certain websites and services into a slow lane online. At issue here are so-called “net neutrality” rules – rules which dictate whether our online networks are ...

The Canadian Progressive: Bell’s Mobile TV Practice Violates Telecommunications Act: CRTC

In a decision likely to have implications for net neutrality, the CRTC has ruled that Bell and Vidéotron’s mobile TV practices violate the Telecommunications Act. The post Bell’s Mobile TV Practice Violates Telecommunications Act: CRTC appeared first on The Canadian Progressive. Obama Administration to provide citizens with faster, cheaper Internet while Canada falls behind

US_LTTE_fbshare.png Internet advocates celebrate Obama’s move, and point to it as the type of action required to get Canada’s Internet rates and speeds on par with global counterparts. January 14, 2015 – Internet advocates are celebrating this afternoon’s announcement from the Obama Administration pushing for common-sense steps to stop U.S. telecom giants from blocking American ... Obama calls for strongest possible net neutrality rules… And saves the Internet?

As you may have heard, this morning, U.S. President Barack Obama came out with a decisive statement calling for the strongest possible rules to prevent slow lanes on the Internet. You can read the details in the statement we put out here, but the short version is that Obama unequivocally, and unambiguously committed himself to ...

The Canadian Progressive: The Canadian Progressive Joins Global Net Neutrality Protest

Today, The Canadian Progressive joins millions of websites, digital rights organizations and Internet freedom fighters demanding stronger “net neutrality” protections. The post The Canadian Progressive Joins Global Net Neutrality Protest appeared first on The Canadian Progressive. It’s Big Telecom vs. YOU

The thing we love the most about the Internet is that it’s a level playing field for free expression, economic opportunity, and innovation. But Big Telecom can’t stand this – and now they’re trying to squeeze more money from Internet users by destroying the free and open Internet that people everywhere built together. These telecom ... Say No to The Internet Slow Lane

Highlight Image:  Highlight Link: The Internet you know is about to look a whole lot different. And you might not like what you see.

Back in January, three judges in Washington, D.C.’s US Court of Appeals made a game-changing legal decision in the case of Verizon v. FCC, that would allow giant telecom conglomerates to block or slow down any content they want on their networks. read more Ben Klass complaint against Bell prompts CRTC to review mobile Internet rules

Several months ago, we let you know that Manitoba resident and OpenMedia community member Ben Klass had filed a complaint with Canada’s telecom policymaker, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Ben’s complaint claimed that telecom giant Bell was unfairly stifling certain types of mobile content over their wireless networks to give their own content ... European Parliament Opposes Restrictive Measures in Both CETA and ITU

According to Internet freedom group European Digital Rights, provisions that would criminalize our Internet use may be dropped from the Canada-EU Trade Agreement (CETA)! While the battle isn’t over yet, this is a huge step forward for the Internet freedom community and the thousands of Canadians who shouted down the same provisions in July of ...

Things Are Good: Declaration of Internet Freedom

Around the world governments are trying to restrain the ability of people to freely share information across the internet. Bills like SOPA in the USA and Bill C-30 in Canada to the more recent TPP all focus on propping up old media monopolies and curtailing people’s privacy and communication rights. The most effective and extreme ... The CRTC Writes Back: Rogers Must Stop P2P Throttling

It’s a true coming-of-age story. A year after reluctantly revisiting and then comprising on Usage Based Billing (UBB), the CRTC has taken to proactive measures in dealing with the misconduct of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In a courteous, yet sharply worded letter, the Commission took grievance with Rogers’ Internet Traffic Management Practices (ITMPs) earlier this ... It’s Official: Gamers have Caught Rogers Violating Internet Openness Rules

openmedia_logo.jpg CRTC’s enforcement division to handle complaint against Rogers restricting access to online services October 27, 2011— The Canadians Gamers Organization’s (CGO) current battle against Rogers hit a major milestone today. The CRTC sent a letter to the CGO today stating that their complaint against Rogers limiting access to online games—which violated Canada’s Internet openness ...

Art Threat: A new generation of threats to online freedom – Report by ONI details 3rd generation strategies for online interference

Worried about how the Internet is being transformed from a creative playground into a structure for dominance and control? You should be, at least that’s the warning from the OpenNet Initative in their latest publication, Access Controlled: The Shaping of Power, Rights, and Rule in Cyberspace (2010, The MIT Press). The Internet remains one of ...

Accidental Deliberations: Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your Monday reading… – While I agree with Murray Dobbin’s latest to a point, I’d think it’s worth clarifying exactly what kind of fight we can and should expect from the NDP over the next four years. To the extent one considers a “culture war” to mostly involve the U.S. issues normally ...