Edmonton-Sherwood Park Update

With the NDP membership in Edmonton-Sherwood Park nominating Mike Scott, an active member of CUPE Local 30 as their candidate for the next federal election (which could be happening as early as next week) it appears that all candidates are in place in the riding that hosted what was the

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Random Pondering

With a federal election likely happening in the next few weeks, as well as the Alberta PCs and Liberals having holding leadership contests I figured now would be an interesting time to get back into blogging. I thought I would start with a few random thoughts and ponderings I’ve had

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Pop The Stack: Go to the Dance

I’ve got an analogy for the Conservtive party’s stance over the possibility of a coalition. They’re just clever bullies, and they should be treated appropriately. Think back to high school. Lets say there’s this bully who likes the same girl (or guy) as you. They don’t want you to go to the dance because you’ll […]

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April Reign: Stephen Harper – He’s Not In It For You!

April Reign

Stephen ‘we aren’t in election mode‘ Harper’s attack ads on Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff takes various quotes with no context in order to paint him as someone with no love for Canada and apparently by extension no right to govern. Now I’m neither a Liberal nor a great supporter of Ignatieff, however, if this is […]

April Reign – In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

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The Wheatsheaf: Compromise this

UPDATE: Tax cuts are still a no go for the NDP. In austere times, it is good to see the NDP continue to pursue pragmatic and practical economic policies. See CTV’s Question Period for the word right from the leader’s mouth: http://www.ctv.ca/qp/index.html?vidId=420943. It has been said, this country was founded

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