CuriosityCat: NDP claims about voter suppression attempts doubtful?

The NDPis claiming that the massive voter suppression attacks – done during thesecond, third and final ballot, and over the course of several hours, andinvolving more false calls than the NDP’s total membership and over 10,000captive or slave computers – did not have any effect on the number of partymembers who wished to vote: While ...

CuriosityCat: The NDP Leadership vote: The Puzzle of just how many people voted

Trying topiece the numbers together to get a handle on the impact of voter suppressionduring the NDP leadership election is difficult because of the conflictingreports about just how many people voted in various ways. The NDPshould advise its members just how many people voted beforehand, how many votedlive while attending the convention and how many ...

CuriosityCat: NDP Leadership election: What happened to 8,000 live votes?

According toone report, there were about 11,000 live voters at the NDP convention: The attack over the weekend slowed down the voting processby several hours over two ballots, forcing the convention to run later than theparty had hoped and past the prime time for announcing the new leader.

CuriosityCat: Did voter suppression change the results of the NDP leadership election?

For the2012 NDP leadership vote to be considered legitimate, the NDP needs to employwhatever devices it can (including resort to Elections Canada and the RCMP) toput to bed the valid questions which can be raised about the validity of itsconvention results. It ispossible that the results were influenced by the voter suppression