The Progressive Right: Caption Contest (#ndpldr)

Ready – go.

The Progressive Right: NDP Convention Photos Streaming at (#ndpldr)

Photos I’ve taken are now streaming at and here on this site. Go check them out!

The Progressive Right: Uniting Progressives? (#ndpldr)

I caught this sign being used by Thomas Mulcair supporters. It’s an interesting one because it fits with the narrative that Mulcair is attempting to broaden the NDP “big tent”.

The Progressive Right: Live from Toronto, it’s the NDP Convention! (#ndpldr)

I’m hunkered down at the blog command centre on the main convention floor. I’m sitting next to Jeff Jedras ( and we’re watching as the convention delegates pour in. NDP Leadership supporters welcome delegates  Look for pictures from the convention on the Progressive Bloggers main site ( as I upload them. Live blogging / tweeting ...

The Progressive Right: Initial Thoughts on NDP Leadership Convention (#ndpldr)

So, what do I think is going to happen at this weekend’s NDP leadership convention? I’ve been paying attention to the media articles, the debates, and the Twitter feed. It’s clear by all the folks talking about it – it’s Thomas Mulcair vs the other candidates. The underlying belief is that Mulcair is not a true ...

The Progressive Right: NDP Leadership Convention 2012 (#ndpldr)

I will be attending the NDP leadership convention as an accredited blogger in my capacity as a moderator for Progressive Bloggers. You can follow my coverage here, on Twitter (@progright), and on Google+. I’d like to thank the NDP for accrediting bloggers to their convention. It’s a sign that they recognize and understand the importance ...