Bill Longstaff: A mustache to die for

The things that worry religious fundamentalists never fail to amaze and amuse me. For example, Muslim fundamentalists have threatened to kill Malik Afridi because of his mustache. Admittedly, Mr. Afridi’s version of the handlebar is rather extravagant, but considering that the fundamentalists are big on facial hair themselves, you might think they would be more ...

cartoon life: More mustaches

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cartoon life: Meowstachioed

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mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: The League of Peculiar Gentlemen: The Brits

Though not as well-known as other Leagues composed of remarkable individuals, the League of Peculiar Gentlemen (LOPG) is none-the-less, an astonishing story of sacrifice, heroism, and strapping things over your face. The first iteration of the LOPG featured six members … Continue reading →

The Scott Ross: Bearded, Women, Leaders

It’s been 70 years since a major party leader had a beard, over 110 years since an opposition leader had one. A century ago facial hair used to be quite common, in Parliament and out. The NDPs selection of the bearded Thomas Mulcair as Leader makes one wonder, if beards can depart in a trend ...