Warren Kinsella: A question from the media

A National Post reporter – one I like – just sent me a Facebook message to ask me if I am “working for the PCs.” I presume she means the Alberta PCs. I messaged back: “You’re kidding, right?” But then I thought about it. She’s a good egg, and she deserves a straight answer. So ...

Warren Kinsella: Wildrose candidate says whites are better than non-whites

“As a Caucasian,” the Wildrose candidate suggests, he’s a better representative than, you know, one of those brown people. No wonder Danielle Smith is ducking the media today. One of the biggest freefalls I’ve seen since, well, Tea Party Tim Hudak’s in October. It’s amazing.

Warren Kinsella: More Wildrose Bozone Layer eruptions!

Keep. Those cards and letters comin’, Wildrose faithful! This one from tpmaron@gmail.com: “Wow warren, that’s quite the article in the sun today. Maybe should open your pants and check for a vagina, cause you sure know how to blow things out of proportion.” And this gem, from “Gunter W” at safari4711@live.ca: “Kinsella : Tested ,Tried ...

Warren Kinsella: Bad Religion! Good Riddance!

OMG this so awesome!

Warren Kinsella: Wacky Wildrose Watch

From a plugged-in contact in Alberta. Very, very interesting. Warren: Danielle Smith cancelled her media availability for CBC radio today, Global tomorrow and CTV Friday. Cancelled her meeting with the Herald editorial board … and had Vitor appear in her place on Rutherford this morning. Someone is cracking under pressure.

Warren Kinsella: Danielle Smith’s Bozone layer: we get letters

“As a third generation Albertan and a born again Christian, I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that there is a potential government coming that will heed the Word of God. Ontario and Quebec, both ultra-liberal provinces, love to hate God and His Word and His law. The Wildrose party will seemingly follow in ...

Warren Kinsella: Thirty years ago today

The things that the Charter, and the Constitution, were designed to prevent are still a threat.  And that is why today is a day to remember, and be vigilant, and celebrate this great achievement. (And, while we’re on the subject, let me say: my God, I miss this man.)

Warren Kinsella: In today’s Sun: untested, untried, unfit

How important is the last week in a campaign? Really, really important. Important enough to make the difference — in Alberta, and anywhere else. Lots of Canadians are now watching the dramatic Alberta contest, now entering the home stretch. Non-Albertans can’t vote in the election, but they, too, have a stake in the outcome. That’s ...

Warren Kinsella: Liberals are more open than conservatives

We liberals knew that already, but here’s proof.  Kiss our asses, cons.

Warren Kinsella: The unbearable lightness of Bob Rae’s promises

Aaron Wherry does journalism in a simple, and therefore highly-effective way: he simply lets subjects speak for themselves. Subjects accordingly damn themselves.

Warren Kinsella: Tea Party Tim tries to claim he doesn’t want an election

…but reporters aren’t buying it, big time. A sampling from his disastrous scrum earlier today: Reporter: But why are you having nominations [like Lisa MacLeod’s]? Is it just the deadline or—I mean, why do you need nominations? Hudak: You know, I thought that this was an important thing to do as leader and our president ...

Warren Kinsella: Is Ontario heading towards another election?

Sure looks that way. After the weekend Ontario NDP convention – wherein leader Andrea Horwath was mightily embarrassed by a pro-election resolution put forward by union boss Sid Ryan – I’d say the odds just went up dramatically. Ryan is pushing for an election, and his resolution passed. Horwath isn’t in control so much, anymore. ...

Warren Kinsella: Danielle Smith stands by hater, and hate

anielle Smith stood by her candidate: “Every single political party has people with strong religious views. “As long as they keep that in their personal lives, and don’t anticipate that there’s going to be legislation on that, I don’t believe we’re doing anything different than other political parties.” When asked if there were personal opinions ...

Warren Kinsella: Wildrose leader Danielle Smith defends hate

CALGARY — Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith entered the final week of the campaign defending controversial comments decrying homosexuality and public schools posted by an Edmonton candidate on his blog. Edmonton-Southwest candidate and pastor Allan Hunsperger posted a rant on his blog last June, using Lady Gaga’s hit song, Born This Way, to blast the Edmonton ...

Warren Kinsella: Hey look!

I’m no longer a person! I’m a concept! Cool. My billable rate just went up. Thanks, Pete!

Warren Kinsella: Bye-bye, Gord

Mr. Tulk was warned, and he’s now banned from this site. Bye-bye, Gord. Find a new sandbox. I suspect you won’t be missed by others.

Warren Kinsella: In today’s Sun: Danielle Smith is lying

People who don’t live in Alberta should be paying attention to the Alberta election. And not simply because it may be historic, signaling the end of a 40-year political dynasty. It’s historic, and worthy of your consideration, because Alberta is on the cusp of plunging itself into a divisive, needless debate, one that could spill ...

Warren Kinsella: OMG this is the best band I’ve seen so far this year

SFH and Bjorn are going to lose their shit over this.  Godlike genius. Sent by Mraz, via some anonymous person who told him to give it to me.  Now, I give it to you.  It will change your life.

Warren Kinsella: With Sons Two and Three at the Goof

[Son Two has just been picked up by Dad from a sleepover at a pal’s. He’s asked how it went.] Son, wearily: Dad, it was a party. Me: You actually look like you did some partying, to tell you the truth. Son, bemused: Dad, I am the party. Me, marveling: Wow. Are you a Kinsella ...

Warren Kinsella: A: A joke.

Q: What is Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath’s leadership?

Warren Kinsella: The Party of the Constitution

Her Majesty makes it official. I was there, that cold April day – with my roommates Harold, Chris and Ryan. Afterwards, we went to Grad’s on Somerset to have what we described as “constitution beer.” We had not a few, as I recall. I also recall that we grumbled about the number of old white ...

Warren Kinsella: Picture worth a 1,000 words dept.: the Ontario NDP

This photo was taken just before Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath’s latest press conference, today.  Where she claimed she doesn’t want an election. That’s her campaign van.  Anyone believe her claims that she doesn’t want an election? I didn’t think so.

Warren Kinsella: Dan Gardner is going to get mad at me for this

Dan Gardner is an intimidating guy.  I met him about a decade ago, when he was leaving the employ of the Ontario PC government and heading off to work at the Ottawa Citizen.  He was a big, slightly-intimidating guy.  I figured he was a conservative, and that we wouldn’t agree on much. In the interim, ...

Warren Kinsella: The Ontario PCs and NDs want an election

One said they’d vote against the budget before they read it; the other says they’ll vote against it if all the demands in their ransom note aren’t met. We don’t want an election. But we’ll be ready when and if there is one.

Warren Kinsella: Justice delayed is (hopefully) not justice denied

The latest in the Trayvon Martin tragedy, here.  Hope it’s correct.