Warren Kinsella: New Ontario Liberal ad?

An effective attack ad shouldn’t merely repeat things voters already knew, and have already dismissed and discounted. This is phoning it in. It isn’t going to change minds.

Warren Kinsella: A Yelp on steroids

A smart CBC Winnipeg reporter contacted me this week about a fascinating story. It’s here: Snippet below: Kinsella, who is a Toronto-based lawyer and author, said businesses have the right to exclude anyone from their establishments. “That right exists … [but] they’re not allowed to do that on the basis of race or religion or disability ...

Warren Kinsella: Adler-Kinsella: Kinder Morgan, MMIWG scandal and “friends”

Warren Kinsella: KINSELLACAST: MMIWG scandal, the Queens of the Spin Age, lousy audio and new Hot Nasties track!

Warren Kinsella: $2,119 an hour. And you are paying it.

Snippet from next week’s Hill Times column, based on the intrepid reporting of CFRA’s Brian Lilley: The dirty little contract was discovered by Brian Lilley of Ottawa’s CFRA.  Reports Lilley: “It’s a staggering amount for a contract that only lasts 8 months. The law firm McCarthy Tetrault is being paid $5,320,766.60 in a sole sourced contract. ...

Warren Kinsella: I give you your ear worm for this morning

Althea and Donna, Uptown Top Ranking.

Warren Kinsella: Five reasons why the David Livingston sentence is outrageous

David Livingston is someone with no criminal record – but he has a long, long record of community service and philanthropy. He is a good man who made a mistake. But it isn’t a mistake that deserves the outrageous and excessive sentence he received today – four months. Here’s why: It is totally out of ...

Warren Kinsella: Donald Trump isn’t just an asshole

…he’s the biggest fucking idiot in the history of the world. Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it! — Donald J. ...

Warren Kinsella: Ugly graphic

…but a beautiful trend line, if you are Mr. Ford or Ms. Horwath. The graphic is a little ugly, but it tells a story that's ugly (if you're a Wynne Liberal). #onpoli pic.twitter.com/YqpWOt6kjJ — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) April 10, 2018

Warren Kinsella: The United States of America is about to be saved by a porn star

…we live in interesting times. Today’s front-page Washington Post report, headlined “A bomb on Trump’s front porch,” which is a just-as-interesting way of putting things: …the FBI’s seizure on Monday of privileged communications between Trump and his private lawyer, Michael D. Cohen — as well as documents related to a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels, ...

Warren Kinsella: One big happy CPC family

Once again proving my theory that Justin Trudeau is the luckiest politician on Earth. Globe story: Conservative MP Maxime Bernier says in a new book that party Leader Andrew Scheer won support from “fake Conservatives” set up by the powerful dairy lobby during last year’s federal Tory leadership race – a claim that could threaten ...

Warren Kinsella: Big news. Bigly big.

Warren Kinsella: Jess Spindler!

The cut-off for supporters to buy memberships to vote is approaching fast. If you want to support Jess – and everyone should! – you can get signed up here!

Warren Kinsella: Column: faithlessness

Ah, ye little Faith. Not that little, actually.  She’s tallish, slouching near the doors at Sun News Network, chain-smoking.  Smirking. “Troll with a tan,” someone at the erstwhile network said about her. Uncharitably, but not inaccurately.  That indeed seemed to be the whole package: a suspiciously deep, orange-ish tan, and the sleeveless Fox News mien.  ...

Warren Kinsella: Let’s suspend every federal service in BC. Perhaps Horgan will get it, then.

Canadians expect you to act like one. Not a coward who is beholden to three Green Party members. But that’s what you are. #cdnpoli #bcpoli https://t.co/ZkLK1RghVk — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) April 9, 2018 British Columbians expect us to stand up for their interests and our coast, and to do everything we can to defend our ...

Warren Kinsella: SFH at the Linsmore!

We opened for Mr. Pharmacist and we raised funds for the Humboldt Broncos. Was a good night.

Warren Kinsella: Pray for these boys and their families

Even as a former and longtime hockey Dad, I cannot begin to fathom what those hockey families are now going through. This is just so horrific. Here is a photo that I think will be seen all over the world, however. It says a lot. Derek Grayson and Nick bonding and healing in hospital pic.twitter.com/DzesIoT27B ...

Warren Kinsella: KINSELLACAST: SFH at the Linsmore, Lisa on women in politics, and Spin Twins on the polls!

This week’s episode of the Kinsellacast™ is a bit different – instead of me going on (and on) about politics, I decided to lead off with some tantalizing tunes from everybody’s favourite geriatric punk trio, SFH. And, while we’re on the subject, please come on out and see SFH tomorrow night at the Linsmore! No ...

Warren Kinsella: Adler-Kinsella Show: Ontario politics and what the heck is a HOAG?

I’ve written extensively about the highly-scientific HOAG concept, which I will claim to have invented if Bob Chant lets me. From my book Fight The Right, which wrote about the then-coming Trumpocalypse: That is, Bush was a Hell Of A Guy. As the political cliché goes, you can picture yourself at a tailgate party with ...

Warren Kinsella: [Insert Titanic reference here]

Liberal Minister @TracyMacCharles and MPP @GrantCrack announce they will not seek re-election in June #onpoli — Colin D'Mello CTV (@ColinDMello) April 5, 2018

Warren Kinsella: Punk rock bassists are the best

The New York Times: HOUSTON — Senator Ted Cruz of Texas kicked off his re-election campaign this week with a new Texas-themed slogan and a new video, but something else that was entirely new went largely unspoken — a formidable and well-funded Democratic opponent. For the first time in Mr. Cruz’s rise to political prominence ...

Warren Kinsella: Leaving Jamaica

…which has the best road signs, mon.

Warren Kinsella: Column: the Canadian connection

It’s the biggest political scandal in the world. And it involves a bunch of Canadians. For quite some time now, it’s been known that Vladimir Putin’s Russia – and assorted other outlaw states, like North Korea – have been engaged in acts of cyber-war against democracies around the globe.  Long before Special Counsel Robert Mueller ...

Warren Kinsella: Warren Kinsella appointed to run for Ontario PC party in 2018 election

TORONTO – Warren Kinsella, a Toronto author, consultant, musician and visiting professor of law, has been appointed the Ontario Progressive Conservative candidate in the riding of Lakeshore-Beaches-Woodbine. Kinsella, a lifelong Liberal, made the decision to run under the PC banner in the 2018 Ontario general election after extensive negotiations with party leader Doug Ford, a ...

Warren Kinsella: Not bad

My week on Twitter : 673 Mentions, 495K Mention Reach, 9.76K Likes, 2.07K Retweets, 358 Replies. See yours with https://t.co/TQhKFs0QZY pic.twitter.com/xYO9lNHEvK — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) April 1, 2018