Music for a Sunday: And don’t it feel good?

Not sure what’s up with those three shivering dudes in the trenchcoats, but I do suggest you get out there and enjoy the sun while it lasts. Where I’m at, the forecast is calling for rain.

Music for a Sunday: Song of the day

Well, what would YOU have posted? Ha, ha.

Music for a Sunday: Chilean rap fights back

Chilean rap group Portavoz (“Spokesperson”) questions the “popularity” of the Piñera government. Here’s my translation of the lyrics: They want to crush you, kicked and tossed out like a plasta* Liquored up and doped until you say basta Anguished and drugged with cocaine paste, no doubt You’ve asked why a dictatorship lets hard drugs in ...

Music for a Sunday: She’s a sad tomato

I am smitten. I’m the real thing.

Music for a Sunday: I need it, I need it, I need it

You are the young things fed on garbage and lies: I’m talking far too much about my shame.

Music for a Sunday: I really wanna lay it down

Ah, Prince. Equal parts smooth and subversive. Let’s hope this video stays up…

Music for a Sunday: Let’s exchange the experience

Tell me we both matter…don’t we?

Music for a Sunday: Right from the start

I don’t know which is more incredible: the fact that this song is now 30 years old, or that it sounds even better live than it did when I first bought it on vinyl. It’s note-perfect here, and I la-la-la-love it still.

More Music for a Sunday: There are days…

This Luca Mundaca tune reminds me a great deal of this one by Marisa Monte, both in terms of theme and vocal stylings: Both make loneliness and getting by a little easier, and make them sound downright lovely.

Music for a Sunday: Whitney Houston, RIP

This isolated vocal track from my favorite song of hers feels ghostly now that she’s suddenly, sadly gone. But it also illustrates just how well her voice stood on its own, with almost none of the melismatic warbling that her later imitators put on. She could have released this one a cappella without any difficulty.

Music for a Sunday: A movie or a measure

For some reason, this song always feels right to me in the dead of winter: Dreaming is free.

Music for a Sunday: On everything but rollerskates

Line up, put your kisses down.

Music for a Sunday: Die a little death again

“Let it all out/Breathe it all in/I’m so far out/I’m IN!”

Music for a Sunday: Hut, hut, WHUT?

Q. What do you get when you cross a certain sanctimoniously obnoxious quarterback with Ziggy Stardust? A. THIS: Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Ziggy Star-Crossed. Otherwise known as the Thick White Puke.

Music for a Sunday: Till the fearless come…

Still relevant, and still cool. How about that?

Music for a Sunday: I will be with you again…

Back before the Berlin Wall fell, there used to be this really cool band from Ireland. Whatever happened to them?

Music for a Sunday: A sky-scraping dome

I remember when this one first came out, and there was a whole lot of shrieking and controversy. How could a notorious group with an “out” gay lead singer, who shot to fame with a video that was deemed obscene*, put out a love song for Christmas? And with such a respectful, Nativity-themed video, too? ...

Music for a Sunday: Garlic in your soul

And arsenic sauce!

Music for a Sunday: There’s a moon in my throat

In honor of this recent bit of odd news, I felt this was only fitting.

Music for a Sunday: The liquid clock bursts into song

The album version of this is awesome; this is awesomer. (And I don’t care if the reference to landline phones dates it. I have one myself, and I do not want a cellphone.)

Music for a Sunday: I still dream of Organon…

Kate Bush’s poignant classic. Based on Peter Reich’s story of his father’s arrest for building a device that, so it’s said, actually DID make rain. (And yes, that IS the always-awesome Donald Sutherland, playing Wilhelm Reich.)

Music for a Sunday: You will pay tomorrow

My Facebook amigo Billie posted this to my page last night, and it’s too good not to share. Christ, how DID I miss this gem when it first came out?

Music for a Sunday: A quarter-life crisis never looked so cute

I remember mine, and I remember what got me through it. How ’bout you? And yeah, we could use some more talk about a revolution. AGAIN.

Music for a Sunday: Only to twist again…

Dreamy, low-key gorgeousness. Shot in Scotland, where the landscape comes with moodiness built right in.

Music for a Sunday: Anyone here know how to Madison?

Long live (???) camp. Tim Curry (as Dr. Frank N. Furter) always did have a certain je ne sais quoi. Remember, he seduces both Brad AND Janet.