Cowichan Conversations: Mother Nature Under Surveillance

Dead Wild Roses: Oooo..Context.

Us humans seem to have trouble keeping the big picture in focus while we faff about feeling important about ourselves.  Mother Nature just doesn’t have time for us or our problems.   It is nice to be reminded of that periodically. Filed under: Education Tagged: Context, Humanity, Mother Nature

Cowichan Conversations: Cowichan River Could Dry Up As We Face Drought Conditions

Cowichan Weir-Photo by Brian Hoole The Cowichan River is being challenged by a very dry spring, no remaining relief from melting snowpacks and the outlook for the balance of the summer and fall is for very dry drought conditions. The Catalyst Pulp Mill uses vast amounts of water from the Cowichan and with climate change ...


Nature is like an open book to me, I find a new page and a new chapter open every day. I learn something new as it unfolds right in front of us. A mother’s relation with her offspring is another mesmerizing phenomenon of nature. That is how the mother looks after offspring, among various species. ...