The Sir Robert Bond Papers: IMPS SJ Hobby Show – November 9

The local chapter of the International Plastic Modellers Society will be having its annual model show and competition on November 9 at the Arts and Culture Centre in St. John’s. You can find more information at the chapter website along with some samples of what the talented local modelling community produces. -srbp-

Putting lipstick on the PIIGS: the health of modern macroeconomics

Ok, so some of the best economists, trained at elite institutions, working for the pinnacle of the of the financial world got it wrong, very wrong.  How wrong?  Just go ask a Greek citizen.  But, of course, we all knew that just by reading the headlines coming out of Greece over the last couple of ...

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Mars Attacks!

Add this one to the New Year’s wish list:  coming in 2013 from Moebius. -srbp-

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Creature from the Black Lagoon and other stuff

Oh, man they have got a Creature from the Black Lagoon in development at Moebius. It might not hit the shelves until January 2013, though. -srbp-

Things Are Good: Vogue Wants Woman Who Look Real, not Girls

Vogue, a fashion magazine, has decided to only show women older than 16 and women who don’t appear to have an eating disorder. This may sound odd that they would have used young girls with eating disorders in the past, but at least they are paving the way forward for other fashion magazines to follow ...