LeDaro: Stephen Harper, Primer Minister of Canada has lost his mind

If you find it please return it to 24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Canada.

LeDaro: Stephen gone invisible in Malaysia

His Royal Highness was ignored and non-existent in Malaysia. Both the Malaysian authorities and media ignored him. It must be hard on his Royal Highness. “Harper’s three-day stop in Kuala Lumpur, which begins Friday, is smack dab in the middle of the three-day maiden visit to Malaysia of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Many of the ...

LeDaro: Stephen Harper missing?

Not to worry! He was found somewhere in the Northwest Territories.

Things Are Good: We’re Helping the NotFound Project

Sadly, even in these modern times, children go missing and finding them can be difficult. The NotFound Project hopes to help find missing children by making use of 404 pages online. 404 pages refer to pages on a website that cannot be found, so it makes thematic sense to use that classification of page to ...