PostArctica: This Is A Bench! Enjoy!

Picture taken in the area that will become the Verdun beach. Going to miss the rugged spontaneity,  the urban explorer sensibility, that got so beautifully cultivated in an organic manner through here.

ParliamANT Hill: MacKay’Ant called ‘out of touch’ over Mother’s, Father’s Day messages

Inspired by this headline:

The Scott Ross: Liberals, No One Forgets The Common Refrain

You don’t spread a message by only saying it once. This Conservative government has created Canada’s largest deficits, the largest government and has spent more money than any other Canadian government before it. On the most important things people don’t just speak up and than sit back down smug that they changed the world. No, ...

The Scott Ross: The Meaning of Prometheus

The message of Prometheus, the film and the myth, is that the new succeeds at the cost of the old. (This contains spoilers) This message is alluded to in the first scene where on a barren Earth an Engineer after taking an unknown substance dies and decays into the water where his transforming blood begins ...