Montreal Simon: Donald Trump and the Fictitious State of the Union

I tried to watch Donald Trump's State of the Union address last night from start to finish.But it was really long, and really boring, and since I was lounging on the couch I soon fell asleep.Only to wake up with a start, and appreciate the true horror of what I was watching.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump’s Disastrous Visit To Houston

It was supposed to be an opportunity for Donald Trump to check out the damage caused by hurricane Harvey, and offer support to its many victims.But it didn't turn out that way.For it was a disaster from beginning to end.Read more »

Alberta Politics: What you should worry about when you worry about President Trump – hint: not where Ivanka sits!

PHOTOS: The controversial photo of Mr. Donald, Ivanka Trump and Enrique Peña Nieto … Wait! That’s Joe Trudeau! Below: U.S. Presidents whose “First Ladies” weren’t necessarily their wives, for one reason or another … Thomas Jefferson, who predated the whole First Lady phenomenon; Martin van Buren, a widower; Grover Cleveland, who married while he was ...

Montreal Simon: Melania Trump’s Absurd and Self Defeating Speech

I never thought that Melania Trump would appear in public again, after she was caught in flagrante delicto plagiarizing Michelle Obama at the Republican convention.But Donald Trump is desperate to try to win back some of the hordes of Republican women who have fled his clutches, so he forced her to make another campaign speech.And sadly for Trump, and ...

Politics and its Discontents: A Teachable Moment?

If so, I am afraid Melania Trump failed: But of course, now that Meredith McIver has taken the fall for the plagiarism, I guess we can all hit the rewind button. Except for one tiny detail. Since McIver identifies herself as an employee of the Trump Organization, not the Trump campaign, Trump has violated federal ...

Montreal Simon: The Real Threat of the Melania Moment

I got back home just in time to watch the New York delegation push Donald Trump over the top.And make him officially the Republican party's candidate for President.And while it was no surprise, and it was some consolation to know that everybody was talking about this.Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: True Believers Speak

And as they do, my faith in humanity continues to erode. Watch what Mother Jones has uncovered: Recommend this Post