PostArctica: L.A.’s Famous Four-Level Freeway Interchange, ‘The Stack,’ Turns 58

by Nathan Masters on September 22, 2011 3:00 PM Fifty-eight years ago today, the Four Level interchange first opened to traffic. This iconic concrete ribbon that binds the 101 and 110 freeways is an almost inescapable feature of many Southern Californians’ commute. Admired by some and feared by others, the Four Level was—like many other ...

Walking Turcot Yards: Ron Finley Talks About Farming In South Central LA

Walking Turcot Yards: Indigenous Peoples Lead Largest Climate Change Rally in Los Angeles History!

Idle No More! “Stephen Harper has awoken a sleeping giant”

Things Are Good: LED Street Lights Save Los Angeles Millions

Four years ago Los Angeles decided to change its street lighting to LEDs and the results have come in and the savings are phenomenal. They have converted a little over half of all their street lights and are already saving $5,325,793 annually in lighting costs. It’s worth noting that LEDs use 80% less electricity than ...

Those Emergency Blues: Friday Night Flicks: Logorama

Imagine a society where the entire physical environment, even ourselves, is branded. . . and life is lived as a Hollywood cliché. Features a campy Mr. Clean and a very evil, psychotic clown. Couch mode is here. Filed under: Friday Night Flicks Tagged: animation, branding, logos, Los Angeles, short films